Croc Eats Phone And Other Cringeworthy Things You’re Thankful Didn’t Happen To You

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It’s Not You, It’s Them

Have you ever wished that time would just stop — or that the ground beneath you would just open up and swallow you whole?

Whatever it was that got you reeling off the edge, trust us, there are people who’ve had it a million times worse.

Here are some of the most unfortunate moments ever caught on cam. Better them than you, right?

“Call” Of The Wild

Reddit/Prax Attacks

So the zoo’s resident croc decides to claim his one phone call to break out of there.

Heard The Latest Buzz?


These bees surely are a buzz-kill.

Forward Or Backward?

Instagram/Nat Geo

So, who’s going to adjust?

Ride Suspended


Now they know what it feels like to be the letter “L.”

Case Of The Missing Buddies

YouTube/Boss DT

Maybe they just don’t have social media, email, text — anything?

Okay, You’re Calling In Sick Today

Imgur/Unknown Author

At least the ice knows you’re special and put you on a pedestal.

Should We Call The Police?


What happens when you shake your hair dye too vigorously? That’s gonna take weeks to come off!

Solid Picker-Upper


Well, you did need something to perk you up, didn’t you?

Camel Doesn’t Like Selfies


“I don’t share photos!” says the camel.

Fighting The Elements


We want the number of the guy who installed these windows.

Turn Off Auto-Correct


It seems someone still hasn’t learned from the mistakes of others.

So, How To Land?

YouTube/Boss DT

We don’t want to know how this ends.

Came To Wash Just Clothes


Yup, you’re cleaning all that up.

They Say Giraffes Are Friendly


Too friendly!

Lesson: Screen Your Inker Thoroughly


Tattoos are forever.

Definitely Made His Mark


At least his imprint’s super happy!

Shhh, Woman!


No talking. Just see to appreciate it.

Because You’re Special


Well, now he knows how it feels to be singled out.

What a fresh start for this cadet!

When The Help Needs Help


What do we do now?!