People Who Made Millions Off Their Old Junk On ‘Antiques Roadshow’

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Most people who made a lot of money off junk most likely went through the Antiques Roadshow, which has phenomenal appraisers and excellent service.
The show has wowed many people and made some very wealthy. What junk items are truly valuable?

Lexus Me Know

Truth is most junk isn’t worth much, but you may find a few antiques lurking that make bank. This gold plated Lexus camera, with crocodile skin is worth an astonishing $620,000.
That’s pretty much what it costs to buy your dream mansion home. What next?

Football Me Know

This Gardenia Vase is worth $820,000. Unbelievably, when the owner of this vase had young children, she would let them use the priceless item as a goal post, playing soccer in the yard.
She had no idea what it was worth at the time. Russian plate?

Bucks Me Know

This plate once belonged to the King of Russia. It was appraised by the Antiques Roadshow at $185,000, which was a huge surprise for the owner, who thought the books she brought to be appraised would be worth the big buck.
Diego Riviera?

Art Me Know

The owner didn’t know that the painting hanging behind his office door was worth much at all, never mind almost being worth $1 million.
The Diego Riviera painting auctioned for $850,000. Leaving one man, very happy. Mobile?

Toys Me Know

This mobile may not look like much, but its value is astronomical because of the man who made it.
Toys inventor Alexander Calder created the original mobile in the 1950s and its worth up to $600,000 today. Jade bowl?

Dollars Me Know

This Jade bowl was picked up in China for under $20. Today this bowl is worth up to $1.5 million dollars.
Now the man’s children and grandchildren are reaping the awards of his purchase many years ago. Navajo blanket?

Blanket Me Know

This Navajo blanket is worth a lot because they were once made for Indian chiefs. A well-preserved example like the one in the picture can be worth up to $750,000.
An incredible amount of money, for a blanket, wouldn’t you say?