These People Got Back At Bad Drivers In The Most Perfect Ways

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Ever tried to park your car and you just couldn’t because somebody else parked really badly?
Some drivers get creative and seek payback for those who park badly. These could be some helpful tips… or a friendly reminder.


Everyone driving a car should know this rule. Some people are conscious of the fact that they can’t park properly and avoid crowded areas, but others just fail altogether.
Here is a clear example of someone who isn’t a great law-abiding citizen. Parking badly doesn’t necessarily always go down so well with the rest of the world.


Some drivers will leave a kind, warm-hearted note for people who have parked badly. It’s either that, or they have already crashed into your car and they’re leaving you some details — or an apology on your windscreen.
Do you park in front of private entrances?


It’s safe to say that this is a brutally negligent driver. Who parks in front of a gate? People obviously couldn’t get out of this parking lot because he had to park his Land Rover in front of the exit.
It’s not very difficult to assume that this driver is totally selfish. Would you do the same?


This driver certainly felt entitled to both parking spaces. Sure, the car is beautiful and you don’t necessarily want another car door bashing into your car, but have more faith people!
Parking this way just aggravates people even more. What about parking on road markings?


There should never be on a car on these road marking — just in case you didn’t know.
It’s pretty easy to park your car there when there are no parking spaces. But clearly, it’s at night, it isn’t busy and oh, there’s a parking space right next to the markings, princess!
The next driver took measures a bit further.

Mean Wraps

Whoever had parked incorrectly here did themselves an injustice. Clearly, someone was very upset by this and had a point to prove.
The entire car was wrapped in plastic to the point of no use. Good luck cutting that off without scratching your car!
Could it get worse?


This driver was clearly not happy to find his car this way when he got back to it. Had he done doughnuts in the grass nearby that the gardeners were not impressed by?
Either way, 5 pickaxes to your vehicle may change the way you lead your life in the future. Rather, stay safe, and park safely. What comes around, goes around.