The Move That Made ‘Pawn Star’ Disinherit His Son

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Final Wishes

The center of “Pawn Stars” lies in the tight bond that the Harrison family has. It’s common knowledge that Richard had a very special bond with Rick.

So, why would Richard suddenly decide to take his grandson’s name out of his will? As the story unfolded, fans began to understand the complexity of this family’s dynamic when the cameras weren’t rolling. Turns out, they’re just like every other family out there.

Big Success

Brian Jolley

“Pawn Stars” is an immensely popular show that’s been running for 17 seasons. It’s captured the attention of viewers — even after the sad passing of one of the biggest Pawn Stars.

With fans enjoying all the different relationships and dynamics between the characters, they wouldn’t have expected there to be a secret behind the camera.

Humble Beginnings

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Richard Harrison is the owner of the store and came from a tough upbringing. He got into trouble and after unsuccessfully stealing a car, he chose to serve in the Navy instead of getting a sentence.

Richard served well and earned the rank of Petty Officer First Class after 20 years of service. When returning home though, he urgently needed money.


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Richard had married Joanne, his love, by now and while he was away in the Navy, Joanne was struggling with her small real-estate business.

They had three sons that they needed to take care of. And when Joanne’s business went under, Richard decided that in order to save his family, he’d have to take them to the city.

Small Time


With the remainder of their cash, The Harrisons settled down in Las Vegas. Richard found a 300-square meter place he could rent that would become his business — selling and buying silver and gold coins.

After a while, Richard managed to renovate his business and turned it into a pawnshop. Once he realized the success to be had, he asked for the help of his eldest son, Rick.

Father’s Son


The business boomed, and so did Richard and Rick’s relationship. They had good synergy while doing business, using a “good cop/bad cop” act to get the best prices on goods.

Rick gained experience with haggling while working in the shop, which he used to make his father proud. Rick has become an iconic character on the show. But what about Richard’s other sons?



Throughout the show’s 17 seasons there have been more than a few suspenseful and emotional episodes. In spite of this, the father and his son have grown closer over the years — with every argument only making them more comfortable and trusting with one another.

A business can have a dramatic effect on a family, although Richard’s other sons have never been as close to Richard as Rick has been.

Role Model


Rick’s hero isn’t hidden away, he proudly declares that he and his father share more than just their lives together. And no one can question the bond that they share.

Richard counted himself lucky that having his son in the business didn’t adversely affect their relationship. However, if only they knew just how close tragedy was.


Las Vegas Review Journal

Richard passed away at the beginning of season fifteen. This left a huge void in the show and devastated the family. Fans were heartbroken as they watched the characters on the show come to terms with their loss.

Rick was utterly destroyed by his father’s death. But after the funeral, Rick revealed that their relationship wasn’t as perfect as it appeared.

TV Drama

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In all of the show’s 17 seasons and with all of the father-son antics, priceless items, hustle, and rare artifacts, there have been two other characters in the show.

Star figures were the Grandson of Richard, Corey, and the iconic fan-favorite Austin Russel, better known as Chumlee. It’s with Chumlee that the struggles behind the camera started.

Richard’s Will


As if the difficulty of dealing with a father’s death wasn’t enough, the Old Man had something else in store for the Harrisons.

Normally, wills leave the family of the deceased an inheritance or property. But when the Harrison brothers went into the Lawyer’s office to see what was in Richard’s will, they were astounded by what their father had done.

Left Out


When reading the Old Man’s will, The unbelievable part was that one of the Harrison brothers was kicked out of it. In the part of the will that the public could access, Richard said: “I would like to express my love and affection for Christopher Keith Harrison; however for purposes of this Will, I have intentionally and with full knowledge failed to provide for him and his issue.”

Chumlee and Corey were included. They had apparent tensions with Richard, yet they remained in his will. Why then wasn’t Christopher included in it?

Odd One Out

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Richard had admitted in the past that he nearly let Chumlee go for his attitude and his decisions in the business. This caused even more tensions to arise in the pawnshop.

Chumlee’s home was searched by police and what they found damaged the business’s good name and also put enormous weight on the family’s relationship with him.

Standing By One Another

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Incriminating items were found during the police search and Chumlee only got three years of probation for it. But the family stopped their petty arguments that caused tension once Richard passed away.

They knew Richard was wise with his money, so they were all interested in what the lawyer would have to say. They just never thought they’d hear this.


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Rick and his two brothers sat down with the lawyer, listening carefully to what he had to say regarding their father’s will.

Even though Richard was unpredictable when it came to money and business, he was never secretive about it. So when the Lawyer broke the news to them, Rick needed the lawyer to repeat himself.

Father’s Love And Affection

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Looking down at the piece of paper that was Richard’s will, the lawyer said: “I would like to express my love and affection for Christopher Keith Harrison; however for purposes of this will, I have intentionally and with full knowledge failed to provide for him and his issue.”

Christopher was never one for his father’s business, and as such never appeared on the show. But that doesn’t tell us why he was excluded from the will.

The Brother Enigma

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Most people watching likely never even knew that Christopher had even existed. He has never been on the show and his existence has only become apparent now.

Even though he wasn’t a part of the pawnshop, Christopher was still surely loved by his father, just as his father loved Rick. So why had he been left out?

Taken Out Of Business

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People that watch the show are wondering why Christopher was left out. Some think that it was because he didn’t contribute to the business and thus the earnings weren’t rightfully his. Others don’t understand the “issue” that Richard mentioned in his will.

One viewer commented, “Sorry, I actually would like to know why he was left off. Didn’t he get along with the other brother? Or just not the dad?” The lawyers said that Richard never gave a reason for the removal of Christopher.

Model Father

Las Vegas Review Journal

Rick recalls his father affectionately: “He was my hero and I was fortunate to get a very cool ‘Old Man’ as my dad.”

Rick continued: “That I got to share him with so many others and they got to see what a great family man he was is something I am grateful to have experienced with him.”

An Unsolved Question

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It appears as though the answer as to why will remain a question on people’s minds for a while.

Corey and Rick mentioned they did speak to the Old Man about it before, but out of respect, they said they’ll keep the reason a secret. With most still thinking it has to do with the family business, the details will stay with the Old Man and his son, Rick.