Parents Providing Opportunities For Success


The advantages a parent provides can sometimes be considered ‘”intensive parenting.”


Every parent wants their child to succeed and be given the advantages they weren’t necessarily provided. Parents are engaging in extra-curricular activities for their child and wanting them to have a better life. Parents spend a lot of money and time working on their children to be the very best. The pressure of society for children to succeed throughout the earlier years is becoming stressful for the child and parent.

Leisure-Time is Guided with Entertainment

Children are entertained with all kinds of devices: phones, computers.  In today’s world, a child’s down time is guided by the best gadgets with stimulating games and movies. The next best item for kids is Amazon First Kid’s Edition Tablet. This isn’t as powerful, and has kid-focused software, but …it will provide your kid with a good experience.

Prioritizing Time

Through sports, activities, transportation, social outlets and more children should be well-rounded individuals. But, sometimes stress and exhaustion can occur all around.  It is good for children to experience life, but there is not enough time for reflection or down time- void of noise and distraction.

High Costs Demand More From Adult Children

According to a Merrill lynch report, the average cost of raising a child is $230,000. Adult children are also supported in our society more so now then ever. The high cost of living in certain states does not enable a secure future for some adult children.  A minimum wage job, unfortunately, will not pay for further education after high school. Also, supporting oneself once you turn 18 is not simple because renting an apartment is usually $700 dollars or above.

Demands to be Excellent

Academically, the high demand to succeed and be modern citizens of the 21st century has compelled parents to support and drive their children as much as possible.  The second demand on children is to be tech- savvy and succeed with SAT scores. As demands increase, some are choosing not to have children because the expense is so draining on a family. Most extra curricular activities are at least 100 dollars a month: music lesson or specialized sports. So, as a parent you must be ready to invest in your children.