Texas Officer Sees Young Boy Buying Snacks Alone, Fills Up A Shopping Cart Instead

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This officer of the law is an outstanding citizen and caring individual. He had sworn to serve and protect the community and that is exactly what he would do.
This story will stand as a testament to the meaning behind serving and protecting.

Parking Lot


The Texas police officer got a call over the radio about the little boy walking in a parking lot by himself in Austin, Texas.
The officer spotted the little boy buying snacks and carefully intervened. What would he do?



Officer Baker went over to the grocery store where the boy was spotted. He took a gentle approach with the boy who was buying snacks for himself and his siblings.
The officer wanted to primarily establish trust. How would he do this?

Financial Difficulties


He approached the situation to build a bond and connection with the little boy.
He started talking to the boy and drove him home and immediately saw the boy and his family were going through difficult financial times. What was Baker’s next move?



Baker didn’t feel great about the circumstances in which the boy lived. And he didn’t want to see the boy return home empty-handed.
What incredible gesture does the officer proceed to do?



Baker grabbed a trolley and instead of letting the boy buy some snacks, he filled the trolley with food that the parents could cook, as well as food that the boy and siblings could eat that didn’t need to be cooked.
What about the family?



The boy was absolutely thrilled by this officer’s kind gesture and the family could not have been more grateful for the cop’s generosity.
Baker said on Facebook: “He also got some things that a parent would be able to cook for them.” What did the cop do next?



Officer Baker took it upon himself to also discuss safety to the children, explaining that it’s not safe for the children to be walking around the streets by themselves without adult supervision. He explained that he didn’t want the kids to get caught up in ‘hullabaloo.’ Baker clearly went far and beyond for this family in Austin, Texas.
The children got an opportunity to meet a policeman and ask questions and have them answered under great circumstances. Well done to Officer Baker for being such a caring and sharing individual in times when it can sometimes be difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel.