Cities Transposed To One Another at the same Altitude


Geography has always been incredibly interesting. The sheer beauty and endless possibilities of your surroundings supplied by the ingenious creations of a detailed map are simply astonishing. With the knowledge of your surroundings, the bug bites and carries your body and soul across destinations, leaving a mere footprint.

When navigating your way through an unfamiliar, exotic destination, understanding the workings of a map is downright handy. If you are keen to travel all around the world, a good sense of the location of each country will do you good. For instance, do you think Montreal, Canada, is north or south of Paris, France? Which is further north: London, England, or Calgary, Alberta? It feels like rocket science to some of us.

But if we are going to get serious about learning more about the world and its countless destinations, you should master the geographic coordinate system. Longitude and latitude can really help you put things into perspective. Have you ever wondered which other countries share the same longitude or latitude as you?

Well, a genius named Beardsley Klamm decided to do a bit of experimentation. He created a map in which he transposed countries to new geographical areas.
Click the maps below to see a high-resolution version:

Europe Transposed To North America

overlay of cities on europe and north america map600

Click to see a clear view of the map.

As you can see, Europe has quite a few continental similarities to its North American counterpart. Cities running along the same latitudinal coordinate system are generally quite similar.

South America vs. Australasia

Here’s what a map of transposed South American and Australian/ New Zealand cities look like on opposite continents. Again, click the map below to view a high-resolution version:

overlay of cities on south america and australia map600

Click to see a clear view of the map.

Article idea:  Brilliant Maps 
Maps created by Beardsley Klamm via metafilter and Reddit user Yearlaren, respectively.