Perfectly Timed Moments Caught On Camera

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Perfect Timing

Sometimes, the stars align. And when they do, the results are often unexpected. These perfectly-timed photographs will make you look twice before you understand what is really going on.
Some of these moments were caught by complete accident, and the results are so bizarre and hilarious that you’ll be left scratching your head.

20.) Daily Dose

This snap of a squirrel looking like he’s reading a tiny newspaper is absolutely adorable — not to mention perfectly timed.
The only way the photo could be improved would be to add a tiny hat and glasses to complete the squirrel’s look. Photoshop request, anyone?

19.) Rubber Mouth

You’ll have to take a double-take to understand this one. No, that’s not blue lipstick.
This blue frisbee looks like it was made to fit in this dog’s mouth — but it couldn’t have been easy for the dog to bite down on his rubberized disc of prey at exactly the right moment for his hysterical owner to snap a photo. Who’s a good boy?

18.) Moon Surfing

Okay, so we suspect a little photoshop on this one… but there’s no denying that it’s breathtaking.
Or perhaps moon surfing is actually a new extreme sport? Whatever the case, this guy is the epitome of cool.

17.) Bottled Waterfall

Remember this trick next time you happen to be overlooking a scenic gorge with a rushing waterfall cascading behind you.
This mind-bending optical illusion is both effective and beautiful.

16.) Magic Bat

Although Alex Rodriguez was caught red-handed for using performance-enhancing drugs, he was never suspended for using a magical floating baseball bat.
Surely this is gaming the system?

15.) Wait…What?

There’s nothing worse than getting food poisoning from your favorite food. Except, maybe, throwing up a steady stream of beach sand.
If we ever see this guy, we have a lot of questions.

14.) The World’s Longest Cat

Is this some kind of new Slinky for cat lovers? Or has this cat finally reached his final form?
Whatever the answer is, the implications are terrifying.

13.) Sockface

This cat’s glowering countenance isn’t that far off from most cats… oh, wait. I see it now.
The real answers we’re looking for here have more to do with this cat’s owner than the innocent bystander. Or maybe she is just making the best of a bad Christmas present.

12.) A New Bulb

Look again. Do you see it? Although the moon floating right under a streetlamp makes for a whimsical photo, we can’t help but think this is some new kind of life hack.
Or perhaps the person responsible for replacing the bulbs in the streetlamps was an aspiring photographer — and what better way to showcase your skills than recognizing a glorious photo opportunity.

11.) A Portal In The Grass

This is one of those photographs that is both beautiful and bizarre. And no, it’s not photoshopped.
Or maybe this girl really did, unwittingly, open a portal to another universe. Luckily, it was caught on camera.

10.) In Her Face

Just a millisecond before this photo was taken, she was probably watching the volleyball from a distance.
A millisecond after, she probably wished that she had better distance judgment. It’s all fun and games until spacial awareness goes out the window!

9.) Bad Parenting

This gloriously-timed photo shows the height of bad parenting as mom spills a cascade of liquor onto her young son. One too many, mom?
We’re sure she will never live this moment down. And the evidence will be around forever.

8.) A Perfect Photobomb

This squirrel knew exactly when to strike. The cheeky little creature even seems to be looking directly at the lens.
Or, maybe, it’s the couple in the background who wasn’t meant to be there and the squirrel photographer behind the lens is letting out a sigh.

7.) Butterfingers

Just a second after this photo was taken, a sodden and grumpy man on a fun night out with his mates gave everyone on the internet a reason to smile.
And you can’t help but laugh at this man’s misfortune. His look of absolute horror and embarrassment as his drink comes hurtling at his face is absolutely priceless. The man on the right, on the other hand, looks picture-perfect.

6.) A Voracious Appetite

Is that a hell hound devouring his unsuspecting victims?
No, it’s just a mind-bending optical illusion that puts Fido in the foreground. Nevertheless, it’s still entertaining. The man was obviously bored or annoyed on this beach vacation, so he decided to entertain himself.

5.) A Bizarre Combination

What do you get when you cross a woman with a parrot? That’s right!
Illusion or not, this is a photo you’ll never be able to unsee — but you won’t be able to tear your eyes away. We know we’ll be haunted by this unsettling demon-like face forever.

4.) Pegadeer

Is it the mythological winged horse, Pegasus? Unfortunately not. But if you still want to believe, we won’t tell anyone.
The photographer had amazing luck on his side — it’s not every day that a giant bird opens its wings perfectly behind a deer. The illusion it creates is both fascinating and beautiful. We’re almost sorry that it isn’t real.

3.) Just Chilling

We can certainly bet that whoever snapped this lucky photo was highly amused. The composition is absolutely perfect.
The photographer, dog, and commuter were all at exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. The dog looks wistful — as if contemplating the meaning of life.

2.) A Disturbing Merge

This photo needs a closer look before you can figure out what is going on here, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying.
At first glance, it looks like a man-baby. Then you see the line where the two faces don’t quite meet and realize how silly you were all along. Now there’s a horrifying photo for the book, mom!

1.) Monster

Just sit back and enjoy this one… don’t think about it too hard. We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry.
The fact that the gymnast can contort her body like that is amazing in itself. Ignore the monster with a foot for a head, and keep the photo away from children — unless you want to give them nightmares.