[Pics] Mom puts sign on daughter's back in supermarket

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We all know that during the Covid-19 crisis people have been advised to stay at home and to only send one person when doing shopping or running other essential errands. While this is fine and well, what happens when a single parent needs to go to the store?

Single Mother


Maryann Fausey Resendez is a single mother of a 5-year-old daughter. Sadly there are no other adults living with them. Since MayAnn needs to provide for her family she occasionally needs to go shopping. However, she can’t leave her daughter alone at home.



Sadly, MaryAnn often received disapproving stares and rude comments on a regular basis because she had her daughter with her. Being a resourceful woman, MayAnn finally found a way to deal with the stares and comments she has to deal with when she has her daughter with her.



To deal with people’s unfairly judgemental glances and comments. Now when they go out she puts a sign on her daughter’s back that reads, “I am only 5. I can’t stay home alone so I have to buy groceries with Mommy… Before you start judging, stay back six feet.”



After MaryAnn posted the photo of the sign to Facebook it quickly went viral. She wrote, “The sign I made her wear cuz I just know some dumba– will take a picture and talk s–t on social media not knowing all the facts. FEEL FREE TO SHARE.”


It’s clear that MaryAnn understands the power that social media holds. When posting the photo to Facebook, MaryAnn was hoping to shed some light on the difficulties single parents face during the current COVID-19 pandemic.



These parents are trying to care for and provide for their children at the same time. Sadly, that often means taking their children with them to the store despite the danger. However, MaryAnn received many comments from people who missed the point of her post.



Obviously these people have no idea what difficulties MaryAnn faces. Curbside pickup is unfortunately not possible everywhere. There are many other reasons why she might physically need to go to the store.



MaryAnn’s post has helped and reassured many other parents who are in a similar situation. Sadly, it is disturbing to see how entitled some people are and their opinions about the actions of others. According to a commenter, someone even spat at her for trying to care for her family.

Needing Help


Many of us understand that we should be helping those, like single parents, who are in a difficult situation. Sadly, many parents feel that they have no choice and begin to internalize the guilt they feel. This is not a healthy thing for anyone to do.



It is very easy to make assumptions and judgments about people and their situation when you don’t have all the facts about their life and their situation. The fact is, if we were in the same situation, people would make judgments based on our choices too.



In this difficult time, most of us are trying to be conscientious and kind towards others and to protect our loved ones. As sad as it is that it needs to be said, we shouldn’t be harassing people we don’t know. However, we should all try to help those in need, especially now.