Mom Hears Man Say “Wake Up” on Baby Monitor, Then Realizes She Never Heard This Voice Before

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Baby Monitor

A mother half-asleep hears a strange voice filter through her baby monitor, to no surprise she gets the fright of her life.

This accessory, combined with a rotating camera, could be monitored through the use of a cellphone to keep an eye on your baby.



Naturally, the device made Heather feel secure about leaving her baby alone and spending time with her husband and being able to check on her baby through the monitor.

Heather didn’t want to become a parent that couldn’t leave her baby alone for 5 minutes.

Midnight Wake

Heather and her husband retired to bed but just past midnight, Heather woke to a strange sound from the baby monitor.

She assumed it was her husband, but then realized he was in the bed. She wasn’t sure if she was hearing things but lay waiting.

Listening In

After waking up and thinking she had imagined the voice, she quietly sat to listen in on her baby daughter.

Then she heard a crackle over the monitor, she held her breath and then a distinct voice sent tingles down her spine.


“Wake up baby,” the voice said. Heather immediately woke her husband, terrified that somebody was in the house near their baby.

Had somebody broken into their home? Immediately the couple pulled up the app on their phones to look in on the room.

Escalating Panic

The remote camera control revealed that nobody was in the room with their baby. They thought perhaps signals had got crossed,

but the situation was about to escalate proving that to be very wrong.

Stranger Control

The camera started rotating erratically, somebody else was controlling the monitor. They rushed to the room, and through the monitor somebody started screaming at them, cursing and threatening.

They pulled out the monitor and threw it across the room.


Somebody had gained access to the monitor through the Wifi. Some creep had complete access to their home. Without proper security, these safety accessories can be a danger.

Experts also recommended that you never use the default password with these devices.