Mom Stands Up To Loud Teens In Hotel, Then Finds A Note Under Her Door

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Frustrated Mom

A mother in Indianapolis grew very frustrated when she couldn’t sleep one night.

It was, however, due to a bunch of teenagers who were making noise at the hotel she stayed at. But the teenagers would surprise her.

Emergency Hotel Break


John and Randi Amt were staying at the hotel, not because they don’t have a home, but because their home had been flooded by a pipe that burst.

The repairs to their home would take a week. But what was it that made Randi so upset?

Trying To Sleep


She wasn’t upset by the fact that the teenagers kept her up, she was upset because she has 3 children asleep who still would have to go to school in the morning.

What did she decide to do?

Time For A Talk


She decided to approach the teenagers the following day to explain her situation and inform them that she had children asleep, and of course, her family had no option but to stay at the hotel.

It wasn’t a fun experience for them at all.

Explaining Herself


The students were at the hotel for the FFA conference and were still behaving noisily at around 11 pm at night in the hotel hallway. Randi proceeded to explain her situation to the youngsters.

But what response did she receive?

A Surprise Note


Twenty minutes after Randi spoke to the kids, there was a knock on the door. When she got to the door, she noticed that whoever was outside had slipped a note under the door.

A note saying what? And written by who?

What Did It Say?


Surprisingly enough, the note was slipped under her door by the teenagers who had been making noise in the hallway the night before and that evening — before she had gone to speak to them.

But what did the note say?

A Great Example


“We’re sorry about your home. We wanted to give you something maybe that could help you.” The note also contained $40. The next morning the family thanked the students.

“The example they’ve shown for our children is worth more than any amount of money,” John said.