Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really Are

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The Truth

A single mom was taken aback by a startling discovery regarding her two little children.

Initially, she didn’t have a clue of the actual truth. But after noticing something on her daughter, the pieces of the puzzle started coming together.

Regular Life


Katie Page was a regular 30-year-old with a boyfriend and a job. Life was great until her boyfriend decided to split from her.

The break-up took its toll on Katie so she decided to start a new life in another city. She got a new job and with her new salary bought herself a luxury 4-bedroom house. But something was missing.


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She knew within herself that she wasn’t fulfilled and was seeking something to make her feel complete.

That’s when she signed up to be a foster mom at her local church. This was just the beginning.

The Need For More

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Even though she was fostering up to four little children at the time, Katie still felt that emptiness within her.

She loved taking care of the children but knew that it was only for a short time until they found permanent homes for the kids. Page then thought about seriously becoming a single parent.

Signing Up

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She then scouted a caseworker and explained that she wanted to become a mom.

It could take weeks or even months before she would be cleared to adopt a child. She had to brace herself for what was coming.

First Child

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Not long after, she received a call from the caseworker stating that there was a 4-day old boy left abandoned at the hospital. She immediately saw him and made it clear she would like to adopt him.

Page was granted permission to foster the little boy. It was not going to be an easy road.

Officially Mom

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Eleven months later and Katie was officially the mother of the little boy she named Grayson. She absolutely loved and cared for the child and was thrilled at the fact that no-one could take this boy from her.

But still, she felt incomplete and needed something more. Katie thought her huge home needed to be filled and so she thought the time was right to expand her family. She didn’t realize a miracle was on its way.

Another Miracle

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A month after becoming Grayson’s mom, the caseworker informed Katie about a baby girl that was abandoned at the hospital in similar circumstances that Grayson was in.

This little girl was named Hannah by her biological mom and when Katie laid eyes on her, she knew she had to take her in as well. But she noticed the hospital band on Hannah’s hand and realized something important.

The Final Truth


The name of Hannah’s mom was exactly the same as Grayson’s, and since they both had similar problems, Katie had a hunch that they could be related.

After conducting DNA tests, it was confirmed that Grayson and Hannah were indeed siblings from the same birth mother! Katie was blown away by the odds that this would be true and promised to never separate the siblings.