Famous Symbols and their Hidden Meanings!


Famous Symbols And Their Hidden Meanings

Imagery is everywhere. Famous symbols have long surrounded human beings for various reasons. Growing up surrounded by symbolism, we have adapted to understand their different meanings. Some are simple. Such as traffic symbols. Others are a cultural representation, such as the cross or Star of David. Others represent worldwide awareness, such as the red Aids ribbon.

We have become so accustomed to famous symbols in everyday life, we can immediately associate a brand or institution to it. When you see a crocodile on an item of clothing, you know it’s by Lacoste. If you see a bitten, simple apple on a product, you know who that techno-creator is. In short, everywhere we look, we are surrounded by familiar images. But what about the lesser know famous symbols out there? Did you know, we are surrounded by other images we aren’t always aware of?

Famous Symbols In Pop Culture

As previously discussed, symbolism has been rife in society for millennia. We use common, relatable images to associate things with. However, did you know that the original purpose of a symbol was to represent a creed and summary of a religious belief? By donning your chosen symbol, you showed the world what your faith lay in. Whilst this is still common today, marketing has latched on to that idea and created trademarks to associate brands too. People thought Dan Brown to be an eccentric symbolism hack when releasing The Da Vinci Code. He seemed obsessed with the topic. However, he is nothing compared to pop cult teens. When they acquire the latest “it” brand, they will share and hashtag images of their buy all over their social media. So, was Dan Brown truly the obsessed one? But, did you know that some of the most common every day famous symbols have been lost in translation? Yes, there are important symbols used in everyday life which we do not even understand.

Uncommon Everyday Symbolism

Some everyday symbols are somewhat misunderstood. Whilst we know what they mean in today’s terms, we have no idea where they originate from. Getting to know the origins of each famous symbol may take forever. But understanding the most common, misunderstood icons is easy. All you need to do is take a look at the infographic below!

The meaning behind famous symbols


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