McDonalds Offers More than a Six-Piece Box of Chicken McNuggets


McDonalds, one of the largest franchise fast food restaurants, is offering more than just its usual selection. You can now enjoy more of Chicken McNuggets. Mcdonalds has a new idea that will be launched soon.


The Chicken McNuggets Magic Addiction

Chicken McNuggets originally comes in a four-piece or six-piece side to your Mcdonald’s burger. Who can resist dipping those nuggets into a dipping sauce? How exactly did the chicken McNugget get started? It is amazing how this processed piece of meat can be so good and addictively tasty. McDonalds is launching a 48 piece chicken McNugget bucket.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds are Comfort Foods

Kentucky Fried Chicken contains buckets of food as well. Could McDonalds be taking Kentucky Fried chicken as an example for their 48 piece bucket? It would be a dream come true if this were the case. People who love nuggets would enjoy the quantity of chicken McNuggets McDonalds is offering.  Imagine eating the six-piece chicken McNuggets in that you can’t just eat one. Eating a bucket would be like McDonald’s heaven in a chicken McNugget.

McDonalds is Offering an Abundant Feast on Chicken McNuggets

Unfortunately, the 48 piece bucket is only being offered in Japan celebrating the girl band NGT48. Along with the chicken nuggets, there will be trading cards. McDonalds is endorsing this band, but the Americans will never see the 48 piece McNuggets. The idea that the American franchise will be serving the 48 piece bucket in Japan is an ironic event because Americans would enjoy this exclusive offering as well.


The Extravagance of Where the New Offering is Making a Landing

Around the world, McDonalds has taken on the look of a fine-dining restaurant. It is not just a fast food place. Instead, it has become a fancy restaurant that offers much variety. Some of the restaurants have two stories and large glass windows that are atmospheric. The 48 piece chicken McNuggets are being served in an extraordinary environment that is beautiful and clean.

Even though 48 bucket McNuggets are being served only in Japan, Americans would enjoy a fast-food favorite of McDonald’s side-food items. Chicken McNuggets and fries are the most popular side-food items at McDonald’s.  Hopefully, the 48 piece chicken McNuggets will make a landing here in the states.