Man Photoshops Pics And The Results Are Hilarious


Famous & Funny

A British graphic designer named James Fridman makes his own brand recognized through Photoshop. It started as trolling with a twist but gained traction quickly and is now recognizable by millions.

He even travels for his work, like going to Mexico just to get a woman a hat for a photo of her on holiday.

All In The Wording

Public Domain

Normally the photographs are normal requests. Like adding some filters, making something pop, or taking an unwanted person out of a photo.

James couldn’t help himself but troll a little. He always ended up making a twist on the photo request. It would be taken from the inspiration of whatever the request was that the person asked.

A Force Of Good

Public Domain

He’s even shown that he cares more than just for himself, he’s used his platforms to bring awareness to charity foundations that he supports. Especially mental health and social problems.

Now it’s time to break down what he does and how he uses his talent to make so many people laugh every day.

Simple Request

Credit: James Fridman

So the process starts out with someone asking him for something simple on social media, “Can you crop him out of his without it looking too obvious?”

Then he normally answers in a timely manner with a “sure”, “no problem” and creates the image that wanted. The photo above is a perfect example of what he does.

Fine Dining

James Fridman

“Hi James! I love your work… Could you get rid of that wood thing full of bird poop in front of me? Hahahah. Thank you:)”

“Luxury dining with a view” was what James responded with. Even though he clearly made a little bit of fun that’s the point. He does put a lot of effort into his creations for people.

Touching The Tower

James Fridman

A lot of people request a perspective photo that creates the illusion that they’re holding a huge well-known monument.

“Hi Jamie, Hope you are well. Could you please edit this photo of me so I am touching the top of the Eiffel Tower. Thank you.”

Technically Correct

James Fridman

“Would you be able to make me and the boys look like we are outside? Thanks.”

I mean, it looks like this guy got what he asked for.

Watch Your Words

James Fridman

“I like this picture of my wife and I, but can you get rid of the other guy in the white hat please? Love your work!!”

The photo still looks quite nice. He touched up the sand really well and giving the guy legs is very well done.

All About Scale

James Fridman

The people who ask for the edits know full well what they are in for. That’s part of the fun!

“Really fan of what you do, can you please erase the guy in the back, he kinda messes my pic. thanks a lot!!”

Probably Correct

James Fridman

“Hi mate, that’s me with the golf tea in my mouth, any chance you could make it look like my friend has taken the shot?”

This one is hilarious and shows his humor perfectly. The second shot would probably be accurate anyway!

Someplace Cool

James Fridman

Everyone’s seen those photoshop fails where someone tried to make it look like they visited some place amazing. Well, this girl got exactly what she asked for…

“Hey can you make me look like I’m in a really cool please and not a lake in the background?”

Add Ducks

James Fridman

“Me and my boyfriend were trying to take a photo with the ducks, but we didn’t manage to get any in the photo! Could you put in some ducks please?”

Here are a bunch of ducks for you! It’s also some amazing attention to detail that James altered the photo so that the lighting on their hair and skin matched the store sign!

Not Always Joking

James Fridman

James is also well known for being supportive and kind to anyone who asks for alterations in appearance because of something they don’t like. “I’m a fan of your work and I hope you can help me. See my face? It’s my birth mark and it’s been 20 years with it. Can you make my face have just one color or make it look better?”

This was James’ response – “Our differences and imperfections make us human. Don’t hide something that makes you so unique, something that’s been part of you since you were born. Accept it, and so will others. P.S. Your birthmark looks pretty cool to be honest.” He didn’t alter the photo at all.

Something Scary

James Fridman

“Please can you make it so my friend is running from something scary?”

It could have been zombies or wolves, but anyone who is familiar with the old kid’s show will know the terrors that came with the Teletubby franchise.

You Got It

James Fridman

“Could you do something with the lady in the background?”

Well, yep, this is exactly what the wording asked for. But even if the request had been more specific, there would still have been some sort of other funny twist.

Open Ended

James Fridman

“Hey James. Can you photoshop us? Anything works.”

James answer – “Find 13 differences.” And yes, we went through it and found all of them!

Dangerous Waters

James Fridman

“Can you make this look like we are in more dangerous waters? I want to look cool :)”

Yep, those waters are dangerous! And no swimming! The troll goes to the next level because James intentionally doesn’t go too far to make it look realistic and a bit more copy-and-paste.

Watch The Spelling

James Fridman

“Can you pet me in a Bugatti? I lied & told my friends I got one.” Not everyone is careful with their spelling on social media.

With the number of tweets and comments that go out per day, it’s normal to have errors. However, this guy’s mistake was not only ignoring the boo-boo but admitting he was lying to his friends. Oops.

Holding Something

James Fridman

“I made a weird fist in this picture. Can you add something in my hand? I’m the girl in the beige dress.”

Even if them woman had been more specific, like “make me holding a glass of wine”, the artist would have still found a way to make it giggle-worthy. James has also used his creations to make a funny book about how to enjoy Photoshop (using some of his more famous trolls) as well as some photos that weren’t released before.

Into Space

James Fridman

“Can you fulfil my dream and photoshop me into space? Thanks!”

Well, she is in space … sort of. For any0ne who loved these pics, there are a ton more on his social media and dedicated websites – check it out!