Man Realizes The Puppy He Brought Home Was Actually Something Else

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Boy Meets Dog

One man thought he was doing a good deed bringing home a puppy, however, this story wasn’t your regular “boy meets dog” kind of story.

What the man only later realized gave everyone in the household quite a fright.

Puppy Resist?

Dogs are a part of most people’s lives, we just don’t want to live without them. This guy, in particular, was 18 years old at the time and thought it was time he had a dog.

In actual fact, the man just couldn’t resist the little puppy.

Missing Pooch

He proceeded to get his parent’s approval, but the dog would be his responsibility. The young man named the puppy Neo.

At first, what he had done when he saved the puppy was so special because the puppy was wandering around a parking lot at the mall.

Growth Spurt

As it would, the puppy started growing, quite rapidly in fact. Also, it only wanted to get attention from his primary owner, he didn’t want anything from anybody else.

The dog turned out to be a handful to keep.

Backyard Dog

When the guy went to school, the dog lost its mind, even the parents also couldn’t gain its trust.

They thought putting him in the backyard was a good idea, but the dog just escaped by digging under the fence or going straight over it.

Neighbor Pack

A newer, stronger fence was installed, but the dog just enjoyed eating his way through it to get to the German Shepards next door.

It was a new challenge. But unfortunately for Neo, enough was enough.

Animal Shelter

The next time Neo escaped, the family called the local animal shelter and from there he was taken to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, for more professional help.

The CEO of the shelter quickly explained to the family that Neo wasn’t a dog!


In fact, Neo was a wolf, and the state law said that nobody could keep a wolf. Neo, unfortunately, was sent to an organization called Wolf Connection. The organization had land and special facilities to house the animal, as well as people who knew what they were doing.

This was the best place for this wild beast to be.