Man Pays For Elderly Lady’s Groceries. Next Day He Gets A Note

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Nice Guy

Kasey Simmons is the epitome of a nice guy. When he was shopping, he noticed an elderly lady crying in the aisle.
He couldn’t just stand there or walk away being the nice guy he is. He had to show the old lady that somebody cared.


Kasey couldn’t help himself, he had to intervene. He told the wonderful lady that she looked beautiful and even offered to pay for her groceries and she happily obliged.
How much did he pay towards her groceries?


The young man is surely not a wealthy guy since he works at Applebee’s. The gesture to the elderly lady was a mere $17.
But it made Kasey feel good to help the lady and making her smile was the least he could do. Where was this going?


Sure, the kind guy gave a helping hand, but he didn’t expect to be paid back for his generosity. Kasey was working the next day when a lady sat down at a table.
Little did he know it was the elderly lady’s daughter. What happened next?


As far as Kasey knew, the woman was just another diner at his restaurant. She didn’t order much, just flavored water for $0.37. The lady didn’t sit down for very long.
She got the bill after receiving her water and left. What did she leave?


He picked up the payment when the lady was already gone. He was expecting to see 37 cents but what he found astonished him.
Kasey was lost for words and could barely believe his eyes. The woman had left him a big tip. For how much?


Along with the slip and $0.37, lay $500. Why would somebody leave a $500 tip? Kasey thought to himself. He read the note that was left for him and then everything made sense.
What exactly did the note say?


“On one of the most depressing days of the year, you made my mother’s day wonderful. You insisted on paying. Told her she is a very beautiful woman. I have not seen this woman smile this much since dad died.”
Kasey wept from joy. He hardly expected compensation, but at that moment he realized how much he had actually done to help.