Man Finds Cave On Farm, Actually Goes Inside

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Michael Scott, a professional photographer is someone who’s always looking for a new project.
Michael located a cave and couldn’t believe what he found inside. There were rumors of this cave and he just had to know more.

Rabbits Verse

Michael took many photos along the way and spoke to locals about the cave. There was no easy way to locate the cave, but since it was supposedly used by rabbits, Michael decided to follow them.
Did they lead him to his destination?

Entrance Verse

Michael finally located the entrance to the cave, and he was sure it would lead to something quite amazing.
The only problem was that the entrance to the cave was tiny — as if only used by animals. Would he go inside?


Michael proceeded to crawl into the cave, which leads to a series of underground caverns. There were caves and rooms underground.
Michael was impressed by the caves, but they didn’t make sense. What were they used for?

Intricate Verse

Michaels found that the entrances opened to large chambers, the construction was also very intricate. The chambers were large, but if you were 6ft tall, you would have to bend over.
The caves were very dry, even though it was raining and damp outside when Michael entered. What were the caves carved out of?

Powerful Verse

The caves were all carved out of sandstone. Michael started to understand the rumors that the caves were used by Medieval Catholic groups to meet in secret — the most wealthy and powerful group ever tied to the Crusades.
But what did Michael believe?

Business Verse

The groups would meet in secret to initiate new members and conduct government business. The strength of the caves after so many years was unbelievable, according to Michael.
He was thrilled that he had found the cave, let alone been able to go inside.

Government Verse

Michael got great photographs of the caves.
And after seeing them believes that the caves were used by high standing members of government, under King Philip, after he ended the order of the templar.