Mountain Of 1000’s Of Spiders And Huge Rats Was Home To Lost Ancient Civilization

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Paradise Turns To Hell

The untouched paradise that Julia Bayliss and his team had discovered had quickly turned into a hellish nightmare. When they entered the previously undiscovered rainforest, their eyes quickly adjusted to the thousands of spiders scuttering around everywhere they turned. Rats the size of cats had tailed them every step of the way.

One of Julia’s team had been stung by something and every time he looked down the pool of blood on his leg had grown bigger. He grew weaker by the hour. Julia let out an audible gasp in the eerily quiet forest. That was when they spotted them.

A Passion For Exploration


Julia Bayliss had always had the heart of an explorer. She was a wild-hearted woman who had dreamed of discovering somewhere that no one had ever stepped foot in before ever since she was a young girl.

One day when trawling the wilderness of Mozambique on Google Earth she saw Mount Lico. She researched it and saw that very little was known about it. Julia knew she had to scale it. She had no idea, however, the dangers and bloodshed that the mountain had seen.

Mount Lico


Mount Lico in Mozambique was a very steep mountain that could only be scaled by the most skilled mountaineers. Luckily, Julia was just that and the challenge didn’t scare her.

The reward of climbing the mountain would be worth the challenge as at the top of it was a huge and previously untouched rainforest. However, Julia had no idea of the horrors that had happened there.



When the team of explorers arrived at the base of Mount Lico, they stumbled across a small village of people living there. They asked them about Mount Lico and was there anything about it they should know before climbing it.

When they mentioned that they planned on climbing the mountain, their faces instantly said everything. “We are warning you, do not climb that mountain, you will not survive it. There is evil up that mountain” they were told by a village elder. However, with a top-class team of explorers and experts in botany that had flown from all over the world to be there, there was no turning back now.

Scaling The Mountain


They began their ascent, scaling the almost vertical rockface of Mount Lico. The climb was extremely treacherous and was the most challenging that Julia had ever faced but they persevered despite the danger and warnings they had received.

When they reached the summit, they were not at all prepared for what they were about to discover.



After a treacherous journey to the mountain’s summit where some of Julia’s team experienced some near-fatal blunders, they had finally reached safety. Or so they thought.

When they arrived at the top, they marveled at the beauty around them. It truly looked like paradise atop Mount Lico. An unfamiliar beautiful butterfly even landed in the hands of one of the team members. They decided to make their way into the rainforest to see what they could discover. Their wonder was about to turn to horror.

Thousands Of Spiders


As they made their way through the forest, the first thing they noticed was the eerie silence. There was not one bird in the entire forest. This was not a good sign.

That was when the team’s eyes adjusted and they noticed the thousands upon thousands of spiders scuttling everywhere they looked. Then one of the team let out a scream. They all saw the beast approaching.

Giant Rats


“OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT?!?!” screamed one of the botanists. That’s when they all noticed the gigantic rat running around their feet. It wasn’t alone. More joined it closely behind.

Unsure if they were going to attack, the team started to run. That was a huge mistake. One of them was about to get seriously injured.

Disaster Strikes


As they ran from the gigantic rats, one of the team members, Harvey, cut his leg on a blade of grass. It stung intensely and he screamed in pain. The team slowed to make sure he was ok.

Harvey was a trooper and did not want to slow everyone down so he insisted everyone keep going despite the growing pool of blood on his leg and how weak he was becoming. That was when they spotted it.

What Are They?


The team was starting to get panicked with Harvey becoming visibly weak at this stage. He was losing a lot of blood. Julia kept marching forward, however, intent on finding something.

The team was starting to get really angry at Julia’s lack of care for her team’s lives when she suddenly stopped and looked down. She picked up some objects that resembled pots with a gigantic smile on her face. “We’ve found it” she smiled. What were they and what made them so important they were worth wasting a life over?

Tribe Of Little People


The pots turned out to be evidence of religious ceremonies that would have been done by tribes of little people who had lived on the top of the mountain many, many years ago.

With Harvey starting to hallucinate and convulse from his injury, they had turned around to start their descent. She was about to discover the reality of the bloodbath that the mountain had seen.



When they reached the bottom again, Harvey’s condition was critical but stable. He was finally able to receive medical treatment at the bottom. The village people came to meet the team who had not heeded their warning. Julia asked what they knew about the mountain. They told them a tale of German colonizers invading the area who had chased a group of people up the mountain.

When they got to the top, the Germans cut the rope they used to climb to the top, leaving them stranded there for eternity. They said the mountain was haunted with their ghosts and they never should have gone there. Looking at Harvey’s unconscious form being tended to, Julia felt huge pangs of guilt as she realized she had made a huge mistake.