When He Opened the Toilet Paper Inside, What He Saw Inside Made Him Jump

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Surprise Restroom

Being surprised in a public restroom isn’t anybody’s idea of a pleasant experience. The word ‘surprise’ and ‘restroom’ shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence.

One park employee, however, got quite the surprise.

Public Toilet?


The lavatory experience isn’t one many people are fond of, you just never know what you going to get.

Public restrooms, especially, can easily take you way out of your usual comfort zone, with measly single-ply toilet paper or something worse.



That wasn’t the case at Yarra Bend Park in Melbourne, Australia.

A custodian at the park was cleaning the bathroom when he made a discovery that nearly made him jump out of his skin.

Plant And Wildlife


The park rangers are very dedicated to their jobs, they also take a lot of pride in the work that they do to maintain the park.

They are devoted to the safety of wildlife and plant life in the park.



The rangers ensure that the thousands of people visiting the park each year gain the greatest experience possible.

A good experience keeps people coming back and there’s also no telling what sorts of animals people will see.



Some days at the park are more challenging than others, sometimes it’s also dangerous, but the park employees face these with both caution and enthusiasm.

There are sometimes also surprises!

Moving Holder


An employee, cleaning the bathroom found that one of the toilet paper holders was moving. He wasted no time bringing it to the attention of the rangers.

They slowly opened it up and were greeted by a startling surprise.



An adorable possum was found nestled between the toilet paper. The worker also quickly warmed up to the cute little creature.

He proceeded to move him back to his home in the park trees. Luckily it was an employee, not a guest.