Man Builds Contraption In Garage That Unexpectedly Makes Him Thousands Of Dollars

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Lost For Words

Rick was lost for words. He felt so emotional. After what started as an awful year with a global pandemic and with Rick losing his job, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was so grateful and more importantly thankful. Thankful that now he can pay his bills on time, thankful that now he can save up for that honeymoon he had promised his husband.

And to think this is all because of some garage invention. He couldn’t believe it.

A Worldwide Pandemic

Rick Kalinowski / Facebook

For Rick, he was one of the thousands that were struggling financially through the global coronavirus pandemic. The 43-year-old plumber was laid off from work in March 2020. As his employer shut their doors for the foreseeable future, Rick’s stomach dropped. He had bills to pay. Loans to pay off. A honeymoon to save for.

How was he going to support himself?

Watching The Squirrels

Roostri / Reddit

With all the spare time Rick had, he often spent days either flicking through Netflix or watching the squirrels roaming around in his backyard. But then one day, While staring at the excited and scattered animals, a thought popped into Rick’s head. It was an idea for a backyard project.

One that he hoped would help him fill his bank account.

Time To Get Building

Rick Kalinowski / Facebook

Rick remembered seeing a photo circulating on Facebook of a tiny piece of furniture designed for squirrels a few years back. When creating the tiny furniture Rick created it based entirely on memory. There were no plans, no drawing. Nothing. Once built, he screwed it to the fence where he normally feeds the squirrels. A few hours passed and Rick was delighted to see the furry friends stop and the picnic table. Originally they just snatched the nuts and went on their merry way. So Rick set a cup of sunflower seeds on the table.

And to Ricks’s surprises, the squirrels stayed too much away on their treat.

Their New Favorite Place

Rick Kalinowski / Facebook

With more and more squirrels checking out his new invention, Rick often acted like a squirrel paparazzi! Snapping photos of the cute creatures, sat at his picnic table. He then posted these pictures in the All About Squirrels” Facebook group which people seemed to adore.

Despite all the smiles and laughter, there was still a problem ahead.

Money Worries

Rick Kalinowski / Facebook

After he posted the pictures, Rick had a long, much-needed discussion with his husband Brett about their unfortunate rocky financial situation. Brett, who was a restaurant secret, was also out of work, and with rent and bills due it seemed like there was nothing the couple could do.

Until one morning, Rick had a brainwave.

Going Viral

Yahoo / Getty Images

Rick woke up one morning the find his squirrel Facebook post had gone viral! As he sipped on his morning coffee he saw that thousands of people had interacted with his cute photo. But more importantly, it wasn’t just that they thought his invention was a cute build, no.

These Facebook users wanted a squirrel picnic table of their own.

An Opportunity Arises

Rick Kalinowski / Facebook

Brett saw an opportunity, so he suggested that the two of them start an Etsy shop devoted to the new squirrel picnic table business. So they did. And in just 24 hours, their Etsy shop, which they named SquirrellyTreasureCo, had 400 orders.

The couple couldn’t believe it!

He Couldn’t Believe It

Squirelly Treasure Co

With their success happening overnight, it was beyond their wildest dreams that this could have ever happened! As Rick clicked though the orders he was still in disbelief; expecting someone to wake him up from this dream. But nobody did. And time was ticking.

With 400 orders there was no time to sit and celebrate: he had to get back to work!

More Incredible Ideas

Squirelly Treasure Co

Each table came with a feeder bowl and mounting equipment in order to help his customers as much as he could. After all, he couldn’t go round and fit for them himself. Eventually, though, Rick added DIY kits to the Etsy store, which soon amounted to half the orders!

These incredible ideas just kept on coming!

Opportunities Are Endless

Squirelly Treasure Co

Since then Rick isn’t too sure he’ll be saying goodbye to SquirrellyTreasureCo once the quarantine restrictions are lifted. While he has a solid plumbing business outside of Covid-19, there are moments when he seriously considers building his squirrel empire!

After all, it’s what the squirrels would want, right?

You Can Turn Your Life Around

Rick Kalinowski / Facebook

Wow, what a story! It just goes to show despite the worldwide pandemic and anxiety that may linger in the air right now, there’s always time, and room, for happiness and achievements. Despite all the hardships Rick had thrown at him, he persevered and ultimately conquered. Not to mention it’s thanks to Rick that squirrels worldwide can now have a place to take 5 minutes to themselves!