Maisie Green Gives Her Time and Love


Maisie Green is one of many volunteers who regularly helps dogs in a unique way. According to Dogs Trust, its shelters care for as many as 1,400 stray and homeless pups at any time during the year.

Giving Time for an Exceptional Cause

Animal lovers can also volunteer, giving its canine residents some one-on-one time with humans, which can help to build trust. Dogs Trust is a 127-year-old charity that works to find homes for dogs throughout the United Kingdom. There are 70 million stray animals in the United States. This is not just a problem in the UK. More and more dogs are stray because of the lack of care for them.

Maisie Green’s Mission

In the UK there are thousands of stray dogs.  An 89 yr old woman hand knits blankets and dog coats for animals. The dog coats and blankets help the dogs to become more comfortable. She is an advocate for helping animals that are abandoned and taking away their fear. Obviously she loves deeply to give up her time. She makes the dogs feel right at home and comforted by these knitting creations.

The generous senior donates her knitted creations to the shelter three times a year. Her family drives her there and helps unload each batch of sweaters and blankets. Dogs like “Daniel the Spaniel” have been among the lucky recipients of knitted items donated to Dogs Trust over the years. 

Mission of Dog’s Trust

The UK really takes care of its dogs by providing rehabilitation and an adoption home for homeless dogs.  These dogs have been abandoned or left by their owner: Dogs Trust. In 2015, 47,000 dogs were abandoned by their owners. These dogs were healthy but unwanted by their owners. Healthy dogs are put to sleep every year because of the lack of responsibility for a dog.  Dogs are adopted then given to Dog Trust because they realize they cannot take care of the dog.