Reasons Old Souls Have A Harder Time Finding Love


Special People

There are a few select people with a special quality. This quality brings with it subtle wisdom that gives them empathy and other traits where others wouldn’t. These people have a special look in their eye, these old souls possess qualities that other people could never understand. Still, because of this, it can be hard for these old souls to find someone like-minded.

They’re Hyper-Intuitive

Governo do Estado de Sao Paulo / Wikimedia Commons

It’s not hard to imagine that old souls are hyper-intuitive. And although this is often considered a virtue, it can also lead to overthinking and wreak havoc on relationships. Left unchecked, their intuition can lead to unnecessary worry and inaccurate assumptions. This will especially break a relationship that wasn’t strong to begin with.

Strong Sense of Self

Georges Biard / Wikimedia Commons

Old souls know who they are and what they stand for. That means they also know what they want and do not want from a partner. Their self-confidence and self-assurance is a trait many strive for but this also means they limit their dating pool for what they want only. Which often means, they’re single for longer.

They Won’t Settle

Georges Biard / Wikimedia Commons

As mentioned previously, old souls know themselves and want they want and often, what they want is no “average” relationship. They crave soulmate love, a relationship that is deeply connected and works well with their life. That means they will most likely be single until they find just that.

They’re Natural Healers


There are many natural healers in our world, many go whom, tend to be – yep, you’ve guessed it – old souls! Their natural tendency to help and heal will result in them attracting people who need help, not love. And because healers love to heal, it takes a while for them to realize that a student or a charity case won’t meet their needs for a mature and competent partner.

Not Very Modern


As the “old soul” terminology suggests, old souls tend to resist new trends and social norms. This means they’re also less inclined to go out and meet people in modern ways. Online dating, blind dates, or a random hookup seem unnatural and unsatisfactory to them.

Dislike Playing “The Game”


Dating for an old soul can sometimes feel exhausting. Their rare understanding of life and self-certainty makes them unwilling to waste effort and time on silly little games that many others play in the dating world. They don’t feign disinterest to look cool nor do they debate on when to text back. Their directness can scare off some people – but only the ones that aren’t for them!

They Have Baggage

Richard Goldschmidt / Wikimedia Commons

Being an old soul doesn’t come without a cost. People who are old souls may have always been a little more mature than others but the reason for this was because they had to find themselves at a young age. Old souls grow from difficult life experiences and while these challenges are great for personal development, left unresolved can lead to issues that may manifest in close relationships.

Fear And Love

Kristopher Harris / Wikimedia Commons

Once an old soul loves, it’s as good as stone. They feel emotions intensely and expect the same in return. But just as strongly as they feel love, they also feel fear. Fear of loosing and not being good enough can sometimes get in the way of the relationship that’s right in front of them.

Passion And Compatibility

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For an old soul, finding passion comes easy as many people are simply fascinated by them. However, the challenge comes after that. Finding someone who’s compatible with them and can be their best friend, trusted confidant, and romantic partner is a challenge for these deep souls!

Their Standards Are High

Gordon Correll / Wikimedia Commons

It’s important to outline expectations and boundaries before any relationship but more so for an old soul. Old souls carry high expectations for themselves which means they also expect a lot from their partner. However, if left unchecked, this can only create unmet, unrealistic expectations which will ruin any relationship.

They Have A Greater Purpose

Gordon Correll / Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes it’s hard for an old soul to find love because of their own ambitions. Old souls often have a higher purpose or inner focus that distracts them from finding love. Because they love deeply and completely, they prefer to accomplish a lot on their own before they fully and genuinely share their life with someone.

Twin Flame Relationships


When an old soul finds a deep connection with someone, they’re not likely to give it up easily because it’s so hard to come by. Those who are in the throes of a twin flame relationship might be already attached to someone who isn’t their “forever” person but a person they’re meant to grown and learn from.

Commitment And Effort

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Old souls know life is short and can get hard. Because of this, they look for commitment and effort for any of their suiters. Like a growing tree root firmly into the ground, love constantly needs to be nurtured. Words are nothing without follow-up action, and old souls know that real love is shown through shared experiences, love, and dedication.

Seek Vulnerability

Cage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Being vulnerable is tough for a lot of people but for an old soul, it comes easy. They know speaking with their barriers down is a sure way to build connection and authenticity. But not everyone feels the same. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is scary for a lot of people. When the gesture isn’t returned, an old soul will move on.

Complex Personality


Old souls are deep thinkers, with an intense understanding of the way life works that few people can relate to. This often makes it harder for them to find someone who can make them feel understood and not simply “too sensitive” or an “over-thinker”. Often, it’s not as simple as that for these rare gems.

They’re Free Spirits


Although old souls are wise, grounded, and mature, that doesn’t mean they don’t value their freedom and have a light-hearted approach to life. Old souls struggle to find love because they need a partner who can embrace their free spirit and let go of the need to be in control.

They Desire Growth


For an old soul, relationships need to be more than passion and support, they also need to be challenging and teach them how to be better. Someone who can point out what they’re doing wrong and challenge their way of thinking is a very attractive quality for them. But such a partner isn’t easy to find.

Authentic Love


To be in a relationship that is full of encouragement and one which celebrates each other’s differences is the deal for an old soul. Old souls stay away from toxicity and are only interested in healthy, mature relationships. When old souls find someone who doesn’t only “put up” with them but encourages and loves them, they’ll return the sentiment. But again, this doesn’t come easy.