Have Any Of These Coins? They’re Worth A Lot Today

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Rare Currencies

Nowadays people are paid without ever having to physically see the money. With most people spending their money digitally and keeping it safe in banks they don’t carry it around that much anymore.

Because of this, there are lots of remarkable coins that are floating around from hundreds of years ago when people carried their money with them.

Check Your Pockets!


Most coins are indeed worth nothing more than their stated monetary value, but some coins travel seamlessly through our hands and they are worth thousands.

Here’s a list of just a few coins that you might want to check your pockets and keep an eye out for!

The “No Mark” Dime From 1982


In 1982, a coin without a mint mark entered circulation for the first time in U.S. history.

Oddly, a lot of these dimes were found at the Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio. So, if you visited there lately, you might want to check if you have one. They’re worth over $1,300.

The “Speared Buffalo” Nickel From 2005


This improperly minted nickel was made in 2005. That was also the year that they decided to use the buffalo design.

However, there were grooves on the back of the buffalo design that was actually a mistake. The mistake made them worth $1,265!

The Gold Mormon Coins From 1851


The Latter-day Saints created these $5 coins during the gold rush of the 1840s.

The gold used for these coins had come from Sutter’s Mill, California, and if you have one of them, prepare for a $50,000 payout!

The Aluminum Penny From 1974


When copper was worth a lot of money, the U.S. tried to produce stamped pennies made of aluminum. But the idea was later stopped and almost all of the 1.5 million created got melted down. Some, however, did not.

Only two have been found thus far. Their scarcity makes collectors believe that one of these coins would be valued at a quarter of a million dollars. Wow!

The “No S” Dime From 1975


Printed as part of proof sets, these dimes were made for collectors! But they have errors that make them even more valuable.

If you ever found one of these collector coins, you might be in for half a million bucks!

The Sacagawea “Dollar with Errors” From 2000


When they first made the 2000 Sacagawea coin, some of them were made of a copper-nickel mix and not the intended bronze material. So they ended up looking quite different.

In 2013, one of these coins was sold by Heritage Auctions for more than $7,600!

The “In God We Rust” Kansas Quarter From 2005


This coin makes the list because instead of saying “In God We Trust”, one of these coins instead says, “In God We Rust”.

The hilarious error apparently happened due to the excess grease that had built up in the printers. This funny coin sells for $100. So next time you have a penny, look closely, as this next coin will show you!

The “Wide AM” Penny From 1999


Who would have thought that a tiny error could lead to so much money? Look at the “A” and “M” on the penny and notice how they look far apart.

If you look at a regular penny, you will see that those letters should almost be touching. A Wide “AM” penny in pre-circulated condition will sell for $530.

The Sacagawea “Cheerios” Dollar From 2000


These dollars were added to boxes of General Mills cereal as a contest in the 90s. However, the design had not been ready in time for the date they announced.

So, the U.S. Mint helped provide a version of an existing design that was a little different. Only four of these coins have been discovered. If you ever come across another one, hold on tight! It’s worth $2,677!

The “Godless” Presidential Dollar From 2007


These coins usually sell from $30 to $125. However, in 2010, a “Godless” Presidential Dollar sold on eBay for a little more than $1,000.

The removed “In God We Trust” part of the dollar was actually a highly publicized error back in the day! This next coin is worth far more!

The US Philippines Peso From 1906


When the U.S occupied the Philippine Islands from 1901 to 1935, the U.S. Mint helped the Philippines Mint print a number of coins like the one above.

A lot of the pure silver coins were melted down or lost. There are thousands of them in existence at the moment, but many are fake. In 2019, a real one in mint condition sold for $40,000.

The Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Token From 1935


In the 30s, Alaskan families received $10 “scrip” coins to use in government stores.

But when the need for the coin ended, most of them got melted down. But not all. If you’re lucky enough to stumble into one, remember that it’s worth $1,750! But that’s no where near how much you could earn…

The Wheat “No Mark” Error Penny From 1937


If you thought that wheat pennies are unique, you’re wrong. However, you might have hit the big-time if you find one made in 1937!

You’ll know you have one if there is no small “d” marking that the others have. In 2019, one of these coins was sold for $7,200. And that’s not even as good as it gets.

The Hawaiian Plantation Token


The Hawaiian Plantation Token was not official money, instead, it was used as currency on Hawaiian sugar plantations.

Although they couldn’t be used outside of those places, they hold a lot of value today. In 2014, one of them was sold for more than $11,000!

The Double Die Penny From 1972


The 1972 double die penny is unique as the head side was printed twice.

The most glaring errors here would be the “1972” and “LIBERTY” marks. If you have one of these, you could be adding $1,600 to your bank account. But how about adding a few more zero’s to that number?

The Double Die Penny From 1969


This double-stamped penny is one of the most valuable coins in history!

This coin is so unusual that the Secret Service assumed that it was fake. It’s uniqueness means that this coin is priced at more than $45,000 at mint condition. So, get searching!

The Kennedy Silver Half Dollar From 1964


Half dollars were last minted using 90% silver and above in 1964! The Kennedy Half Dollars range in value from $500 to $1,500.

The ones that came out from 1965 to 1970 have less than half of that amount of silver at only 40% silver! This explains its lower value.

Half Dollars From 1965 To 1970


The silver half dollar coin has a higher value than its cent value. The coins aren’t exactly rare, but they do contain silver!

Therefore, their value is higher than their actual spending value. You can get four times the value of these $0.50 coins! But compared to others, this is relatively low.

The “Double Ear” Penny From 1977


Abraham Lincoln was printed with a double earlobe on this coin.

This accident happened because of an unintentional production error. It might not be immediately noticeable, but one of these production-mistake coins is going to earn you $450.

The Connecticut Regular Strike Quarter From 1999


In 1999, a stamping “error” made Mr. Washington truly “pop” thanks to that border around the head.

These coins were incorrectly stamped, which again, only adds to their value! A couple of these have gone for $25, but more heavily imprinted ones can go for thousands!

The Double Die, Small Date Penny From 1970


The San Francisco mint produced all of these double head printed pennies that come with a smaller date font. You can figure it out thanks to the double “S” signature on the coin.

There have only been eight copies found of these coins so far. If you find one in excellent condition, you can easily get $37,000 for it!

The “Extra High Lead” Wisconsin Quarter From 2004


This minting error for the 2004 Wisconsin quarter of an extra leaf standing higher up on the stalk made people go wild! So, you should check your purse to see if you have it.

As it’s rarer than the other minting error, it’s worth more. If you have one, expect $168 for it. But there are other coins worth millions…

The “Extra Low Leaf” Wisconsin Quarter From 2004


Like the previous coin, there is also an additional lower leaf on the corn stalk.

Thanks to this error, this coin has gone up in value. Apparently, the circulation currently holds 5,500 of these coins. Today, they sell for around $140!

The “Double Die Liberty” Penny From 1995


Have you already noticed the minting error with this coin? The double print of “Liberty” is what makes this coin valuable!

Look at the “E” or “B”. As you can see, it looks like you’re seeing double. The error penny will sell for over $50 in an uncirculated condition. Now, let’s talk real money…

1822 Half Eagle


You might think there’s nothing particularly special about this coin as it has no errors. But it’s its rarity that makes this coin extremely valuable! Only three are known to exist today.

One of them was sold at an auction in 1982 for $687,500. But experts believe its value is in the millions today. Just like the next rare coin!

1796 Liberty Cap Cent


The Liberty Cap Cent was inspired by Dupre’s Libertas Americana medal of 1783 and was produced until 1796. It sold at an auction for a whopping $705,000!

A variety of portrait styles of these coins were produced but only a few remain. Maybe one is in your hands?

1870-S Seated Liberty Silver Dollar

Heritage Auctions

It’s believed that only 12 of these coins were made. Nine are known to exist in the hands of owners, which means three are yet to be found!

It might not then be too surprising that one of these coins sold at auction for $763,750. Somewhere out there, there are three coins waiting to make someone rich!

1344 Edward III Gold “Double Leopard” Florin (England)


These coins were thought to have been all destroyed until two were found in the Tyne River in 1857 and another in southern England in 2006. One was sold privately for $841,800.

The other is part of a collection at the British Museum and is considered the most valuable English coin.

1829 Capped Head Left Half Eagle


More than 15,000 of these coins were produced, but few entered circulation, and even less survive today.

Six of these coins are known to exist, with speculation of more hiding somewhere in the world! One sold at an auction for $881,250 so get searching!

1794 Liberty Cap Half Cent


This coin sold at auction for $940,000! Apparently, this coin has aged very well which adds to its value. It’s more or less in the same condition as it once was.

Only one other uncirculated coin is known to exist. This one resides in the British Museum and has aged to a dark brown.

1793 Chain Flowing Hair Cent


Only 36,103 of these coins were made and roughly 800 of them still exist. This coin can sell for an insane amount at $998,750! That’s short of a million dollars!

This particular coin is the finest of its kind and it’s named after the chain link surrounding the words “one cent” on the back.

1792 Disme Pattern

Heritage Auctions

Just like the previous coin, this coin is also valued at a costly, $998,750! The disme (pronounced dime) has a face value of 10 cents, but obviously is worth so much more!

George Washington authorized these coins in 1792 and it is believed that 500 to 1,000 pieces were produced. But only a few are known to exist today.

1795 Draped Bust Silver Dollar


This is the first coin on the list to exceed the market price of one million dollars! This coin sold at auction for an incredible $1,057,500!

This coin might be the first coin of the renowned Draped Bust Liberty series. If you find one of these, hold on tight because it’s only up from here!

1992 Gold 2000 Yuan (China)


This coin is from China and is worth $1,298,000. It was designed to commemorate Chinese inventions and discoveries.

There are only 10 of these made, and this one is considered among the rarest of all Chinese coins. A compass is pictured on the front, and the back depicts the Great Wall of China.

1991 Gold 10,000 Yuan Coin (China)


This Chinese coin is one of 10 coins minted in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Panda Gold coin. It sells for $1,600,000!

Although it might be difficult to find one of these coins in America, just remember if you ever do see something like this., prepare for a new life!

1943-D Lincoln Bronze Cent


In 1943, the Denver Mint used a bronze alloy instead of zinc-plated steel to make pennies due to metal rations during World War II. The necessary change of coin soon turned into a rarity.

It sold at a private sale for $1,700,000! It is the only one known to exist!

1907 Saint-Gaudens Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Lettered Edge


The 1907 double eagle ($20 coin) was produced at President Theodore Roosevelt’s order when he deemed the nation’s coinage to be “artistically of atrocious hideousness”.

He set out to employ the artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens to design new American gold coins. However the process proved too complicated and resulted in three complete coins produced. Each are worth $1,840,000

1879 Double Eagle Proof


This coin differs from the regular-issue double eagle ($20 coin) because the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” has been replaced with DEO EST GLORIA (God is Glorious).

No more than five specimens are known to exist, which is why one sold at auction for $1,880,000!