Kick Off Euro 2016 With Football Star

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The football world has major competitions every several years (otherwise known as the soccer world, for those of you living in the US).  The World Cup, much like the Olympic Games, is organized every four years, and so are the major continental championships.   The UEFA European Football Championship, another of the most followed football events, comes this year. Two years ago, when the FIFA World Cup was closing, many game developers decided to ride the wave and release their own version of a football-related game.  One has stood the test of time:  Microgaming’s amazing football themed video slot machine, Football Star – which is a great way to prepare for this year’s UEFA championship.

Football Star – a short history

The Football Star online slot was released at the Euro Palace online casino just weeks before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasil. The game was an unexpected success, touching a chord with both football and slot machine fans. It has shortly become, and remained to this day, one of the most successful slots at Euro Palace. Additionally, it has become the first in a whole series of sports-inspired slot machines. The developer – Microgaming – has followed up with new slots inspired by rugby, cricket and basketball, creating the Sports Star series.  This was great news for sports-savvy slot machine fans all over the world.

How to play Football Star

Playing the slots is easy. You simply feed the machine with coins, press a button (or pull a lever, if you are lucky enough to find an “old school” one-armed bandit) and play. The rest is in fate’s hands:   the combination of symbols landing on the screen will decide whether you win or lose. When you play an average slot machine, the action stops whenever the reels stop turning. But not with Football Star, thanks to one of its features, called Rolling Reels. Whenever a winning combination lands on the screen, the symbols explode, leaving room for others to fall into their place. This often triggers an entire cascade of wins, providing players with an instant sense of accomplishment – and some extra cash in their pockets. Add the randomly triggered Striking Wild, when reels 2, 3 or 4 turn Wild (with a guaranteed win), and you have yourself a game to guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

Where to play Football Star

To try the game yourself head over to the above mentioned Euro Palace online casino. There you can try the game free of charge, just for the fun of playing – and feel what it’s like to be at the stadium. If you want to give it a go “for real”, you can quickly and easily register an Euro Palace account if you follow the directions on their website. And remember: there are less than two months left until the EURO 2016 kickoff!


Disclosure:  This article was sponsored by Football Star: Online Slot