These Antique Items In Your Attic Could Be Worth A Fortune By Now

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Our garages, basements, and attics, often are said to hold our junk. We avoid cleaning these spaces and put items we no longer use here.
Disposing of certain items is also often difficult. There may even be things in your ‘junk’ collection from a previous generation. However, might we just think to look here again?


It is said that common antique items can be worth rather big bucks. Our first example is a big, bulky, probably unused item today — an ancient Apple computer.
Appraiser Eric Silver said an Apple computer sold for $900,000 at auction, absolutely incredible! Does costume jewelry hold any value?


Not only do precious metals and real gemstones hold value. Some costume jewelry can be worth just as much! Especially if made by sought after designers.
Your cheap jewelry may just surprise you. Cool school lunch tins?


As a kid, did you perhaps have a really cool looking lunch box? Possibly a Star Wars, Beatles or Jetsons lunch tin, with a desirable design on the front.
These can auction today at anything upwards of $3000. Did someone say cookie jar?

Cookie Jar

If you have a cookie jar from the ’40s or ’50s you may just be in luck. Cookie jars made in the form of cartoon characters more specifically can fetch hundreds of dollars today.
You may want to check your grandmother’s attic. Does she perhaps have a classic cowboy hat?


If she does, you may be in luck. The design of the Stetson cowboy hat serves dual purposes. One to keep the sun out of your face, and then flipped over the hat serves as a bowl for you or your horse to drink from.
A Stetson laying around can sell for hundreds of dollars! Christmas décor?


If you have a pear-shaped, hand-blown, glass Kugal Christmas decoration, you may not believe what it’s worth. You’re in for a surprise.
This single ornament happens to be worth $18,000. Do you enjoy taking pictures? Because the value of an old Polaroid camera could impress you.


If you’re short on a few bucks and have an old Polaroid lying around, you may find that this camera with its accessories can fetch upwards of $500.
This is not small change for something that’s unused and gathering dust!