Is Climate Change Caused by Our Carbon Foot Print?


Our environment is changing in a negative way. Unexpected climatic changes are destroying our world and eventually will influence our lives.

Global Warming Harming Our World

Global warming are two words that have been thrown around and sometimes not taken to seriously. However, could global warming actually be affecting our way of life?


Today, we depend on our cars to take us everywhere. But, beyond our cars, we also depend on technology to produce what we need. “Lights, heating and cooling, computers, printers, copiers, business travel, and commuting are all ways that your business or office, even if it is small, contributes to global climate change and to your carbon footprint.”

Technology Impacts

Because of our dependence on technology, unusual heatwaves, extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels, and hurricanes have occurred. If warming could be kept lower than 1.5 degrees, we might see real positive change in the environmental impacts. But cutting down our forests and ignoring the problem with carbon emissions will only prolong the issue.

What Changes Can Be Made?

In order for real change to occur, our way of life has to change. Across the world, there are places that include a variety of travel that cuts down on the automobile traffic. Transportation can be in the form of subways, trains, and buses.  Unless buses, subways, and trains are electric, they give out carbon emissions as well. However, they also cut down on the car traffic. What are some options in limiting carbon emissions?

Another Solution to Carbon Emissions

“Scientists are also toying with the notion of geoengineering. This could entail carbon capture techniques or solar geoengineering to bounce the sun’s radiation back into space by spraying aerosols in the atmosphere or by brightening clouds.”


Solar Geoengineering Does Not Fix the Root Problem

A)There is another issue that is unavoidable. Once carbon emissions are let out into the air, it takes a very long time for them to dissipate from the environment/atmosphere.

B) Another issue is CO2 concentrations. Carbon emissions are elevated in our oceans affecting marine life.

What Have We Done to our Planet?

Was Global warming a problem before cars, factories, computers, and waste in our oceans? Global warming has become a major problem because of the luxuries our society has in their possession. We have indulged in modern conveniences but now we are dealing with the biggest monster ever: carbon emissions changing our planet.

We depend so much on oil as well for fuel. What is another option?

Rescue workers, local volunteers and PTT personnel attempt to clean up the oil spill at Ao Phrao beach in Ko Samet, Rayong Province, one of the areas most affected by the oil spill.

Other Energy Sources Promote Dangerous Emissions

Coal used to be a source of energy. Now it is seen as a dirty and polluting source of energy.

Oil has been spilled more than once into the Gulf of Mexico causing more damage to our environment. Burning oil releases more carbon emissions as well.

Renewable Energy is the Best Option

Living in a world of online/internet connections, oil production, and other carbon emissions, demand a change for a clean renewable energy source. Companies must be involved in using clean sources of energy. Even though we need technology for our fast-paced lives, it is polluting our world.

Renewable clean energy can obliterate these emissions. Innovative sources of energy can help and support our world moving forward into a healthy environment.

Christian Lofton with Renewable Energy Design (RED) Group and Daryl Cox with Sylverster & Cockrum Installers,