Man Finds Old Gold Mine On Property, Runs Away When He Steps Inside

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One man bought his dream house, but as he began to explore the property he came across something strange. There was what looked like an abandoned gold mine at the bottom of his property. Soon after, things that defied explanation started to happen. His dream home was quickly becoming his worst nightmare. Everybody has dreamed about purchasing their dream home one day, but one man ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for when he found his.

Christopher decided to take a stroll through his new property one day and stumbled upon something that changed his life. He was dumbstruck by what he had found but decided to investigate a little further, never imagining that once he had entered the mysterious tunnel there was no return. Disregarding the realtor and the police officer’s warnings, he went on with his investigation. When he finally came to a conclusion and all the evidence was laid out in front of him, he knew he had no choice but to run. But what had Christopher found that has unsettled him so much that he was convinced that he had to give up the home of his dreams?

Deep Woodland

Abandoned gold mine

Crest Realty

Christopher Wanliss had just recently bought the 16.5-hectare woodland property and was thrilled to have so much space to himself. He could never have expected to find such a surprising portal, hidden deep underground on his land, but as fate would have it, he did.

On that fateful day, Christopher decided to take a tour of his enormous property on foot. He gazed at the trees in awe — winter had been particularly bitter that year and most of the leaves had been stripped away. Nevertheless, he found the sight strangely beautiful. Eerie birdsong blew down the wind in gusts and soon he found himself walking aimlessly, as if on autopilot. Until something caught his eye.

A Strange Discovery

hidden gold mine

Crest Realty

Christopher suddenly came out of his daze and continued down the path, toward what he thought he had seen as he crested the rise. Approaching slowly, he noticed that it was dark and rather small, hidden in the hillside. From that distance, he thought that maybe it was another tree. But as he drew closer, he knew immediately that he was very wrong.

He was overcome with excitement and slight terror, so he didn’t notice where he was placing his feet. Christopher stumbled and fell down the incline. Picking himself up and brushing the dead leaves and mud from his clothes, he looked ahead and saw it. Perplexed, he inspected the opening. It appeared to be an abandoned mine, and it looked like it had been undisturbed for a very long time. Compelled to get a closer look, he wondered what could be inside.

Damp Walls

inside the gold mine


At the mine’s entrance, Christopher made out what looked like moss clinging to the walls, but inside it was pitch black. “When we bought the house, nobody ever told us about the fact that the estate had a lot of mines on it. We just sort of stumbled upon the gold mine one day and that was it. When I first saw it, I was so excited that I almost fell over myself. The only thing that I could think about was Indiana Jones and underground railroads,” he recalled.

Rushing back to the house to fetch a flashlight, he was excited to explore the mystery in his own back yard — never realizing that this could be the worst decision of his life. He arrived at the mine’s entrance, flashlight in hand, and took a deep breath before stepping inside. The walls appeared to shimmer in the flashlight beam. What had he found?


Entrance to the gold mine

Haunted Mine / Youtube

The damp old walls seemed like they would cave in on him any minute as his footsteps echoed down the dark passage. Christopher started to become all too aware of the massive crush of soil, pressing down from above. There were three spare batteries for his flashlight,  just in case, as he intended to be down here for a good few hours.

He inspected the walls more closely and noticed that they were indeed sparkling. He jokingly wondered if it could be gold, but the thought was pushed away from his mind when he noticed something that could change the tone of his fun excursion very soon.


creepy gold mine

Haunted Mine / Youtube

Although it had been warm outside, it was very damp and cold inside the mine. He immediately noticed that each of his footprints made a 4-inch indentation in the mud. Water had been coming in from somewhere, and it pooled into puddles that seemed to be moving, there was no sign of any stagnation. He let out a sigh of relief. This is a good sign as still pools of water underground can release dangerous gas when they were disturbed.  It’s always better if the water is flowing, taking any chemicals away with it.

He looked straight ahead of him with his flashlight, but he still couldn’t see the end of the tunnel. But someone, or something, was there. Suddenly, noises started to echo through the tunnel from behind. He decided to follow the noise, but he had no idea that he’d just made a mistake.


deeper into the old gold mine

Haunted Mine / Youtube

Christopher continued to walk down the path, but the tunnel was devoid of light.  There was no movement in the air and no warmth. He was holding his flashlight before him as if it were a sword, and he was ready for battle.

He heard the sound again, screeching louder this time. It reminded him of the sound of machinery and rusted metal scraping together. But then, he heard them, and he knows in the pit of his stomach what he has just walked into. Voices filled the mine’s innards, but he couldn’t make out the words. “Who’s there?” he yelled, with his echo the only reply. Courage ran through his body. He needed to find out if there was anyone there.


a ventilation system in the gold mine

Haunted Mine / Youtube

There was water and decay all around him, and his boots started to sink deeper into the dirt with every step he took. He saw that there was an old, yellow ventilation system that had been installed, but it was rotting at the seams. There were chains hanging low, close together, and they were rusting and molding all at once. Christopher began to feel strange.

There was a strange atmosphere in the mine. He felt as though something was pulling him back like he was not permitted to wander any closer. “The ambient temperature also seemed to suddenly drop all around me at this point, and I felt an even stronger negative presence ahead in the tunnel,” he recalled. He decided to follow the path of water as it must be coming from somewhere. He reasoned that that’s where he would discover who these voices belong to. Was it possible that someone was living down here?

Swinging Low

Chains hang in the old gold mine

Haunted Mine / Youtube

Christopher had traveled almost 150 ft into the tunnel when he turned around and saw the welcoming light that was coming from the entrance. But when he continued to move forward again, he couldn’t fathom what he was seeing.

He stood still for a few seconds until his body reacted and he jumped. His nails scraped the walls, and his claustrophobia folded in on him like the lid of a box. One of the chains began to swing — and not just slightly, but with strength, as if propelled by an invisible force. He knew that someone was watching him, and his heart started to thud inside his chest as he started to sprint back the way he came, to the entrance. He needed to get out of there, and he had to call someone. But who?

First Call

property with an old gold mine

Crest Realty

He ran all the way back to his home, and when he got there he quickly picked up his phone to call his real estate agent. “When we went to ask about the place, we were finally told that the estate had actually been home to quite a lot of mining sites. A lot of mining was done in these hills at the turn of the century, and there are a lot of little mines that are scattered across the hills,” Christopher said later.

He then told them what he had found on the walls of the mine; the sparkly substance that seemed to give off its own light in the small and deep tunnel. The agent told him someone was on their way to view the mysterious mine. Christopher ended the call and felt an immense sense of relief, from his toes all the way up to his ears. his muscles had started to relax, but suddenly, his whole body tensed up again. “This cannot be happening!” he screamed.

A Flickering Light

man finds gold mine

Christopher stood silently in his kitchen after he hung up the call, and the lights started to flicker. Bundling his panic into his chest, he breathed rapidly. The flickering lights showed him snapshots of his kitchen like a strobe, but then everything went dark. fumbling over to the switch, he began to move it up and down. Nothing. That’s when he noticed a chill.

A cold breeze hit his face and dried his nervous sweat faster than he could replace it. Immediately grabbing the flashlight he had used in the mine, which thankfully was still in his pocket, he turned it on and pointed it at the thermostat. He read that the temperature had fallen quite a bit, and his breath fogged in front of his face. “How strange,” Christopher thought. But he was determined to get his electricity back on. He made his way to the circuit breaker. Surely a fuse had blown, or something else had happened.

A Faulty Wire

man explored gold mine

He flashed the beam of light in the direction of the breaker, and everything seemed to be in order. Everything was where it was supposed to be, and the main fuse didn’t look like it had blown. As he continued to investigate within the box, he tried different switches to see if the lights would miraculously turn back on. He let out an immense sigh when they did.

“Faulty wiring,” he said quietly to himself, but he still couldn’t shake the nervousness that wracked his body. He walked back up the stairs to pour a glass of cold water and calm his nerves, but then the doorbell rang.

A Visitor

haunted gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

The man at the door introduced himself as Mr. Rudall and began to explain that the real estate agent had called him because of what Christopher had found on his land. He said that he was excited to see exactly what he had discovered and was even more intrigued to inspect the substance on the walls. Christopher led the way to the mine and advised him to watch his step. As the men walked in silence through the woods, the sky appeared to be washed in grey as if preparing for a storm.

When they reached the mine, they both turned on their flashlights. The sparkle on the walls seemed to be even more apparent now, and the light bounced back into their eyes like a thousand crystals.  Mr. Rudall inspected the stone walls inside the mine, and he could no longer contain himself. He turned to Christopher, but suddenly had an overwhelming feeling that something in the mine was trying to send him a message. He chokes as he speaks, and his eyes grow wide with terror as he says something that shakes Christopher to the core.

Terrified Eyes

Inside the haunted gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

As Rudall begins to tell Christopher that the mine is indeed, surprisingly, a gold mine that had been abandoned a long time ago. Looking at the walls, he could tell that there was still gold within the stone, meaning that the miners hadn’t been able to finish their job and had abandoned the mine. But why?

He went on to say that there had been a lot of local gossip regarding these turn-of-the-century mines, but he had never known where they were. His eyes continued to grow in terror as he explained that something terrible must have happened for all that gold to remain untouched. Christopher knew immediately that he wanted to get to the bottom of it.

The Door

creepy haunted gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

Christopher summoned up all the courage he could to investigate the mine further, but there were two thoughts in his head. For one, there could be gold inside, but the mine could also be haunted. With his flashlight in hand and spare batteries in his pocket, he went inside. As he descended down the path, each and every footstep took him away from the light at the entrance, until he was enveloped in darkness.

The last time he had gone into the mine he could only manage to travel 150 ft. But this time, he knew that no matter what happened, he had to make it to the end. Only then would he find answers he was seeking. He kept going as the light behind him faded. He made it to 600 ft when he finally understood where the water had been coming from. But then, he saw a door. Biting his lip, he forced his legs to move closer before sucking in a breath as he knocked twice, but he knew there would be no answer. Then, he twisted the handle, and the sight that greeted him stopped him in his tracks.

Another World

a room in the gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

He had found himself wandering into a different world. Whatever the temperature outside, it was freezing in here. He reached out to the wall and noted that it was rougher and colder than the walls outside of this mysterious room. Cloying claustrophobia rose inside him and screamed at him to leave this place, but then something he caught in the light of the flashlight puzzled him.

There was a pile of rubble in the middle of the room in a heap, destroyed. But none of it made any sense. Who would just run out of there without their belongings? Suddenly, the air seemed to grow thicker and Christopher’s chest felt tight. Something strange was going on here, but what?

Someone Living There

signs of life in the gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

Sticking out of the rubble was a bed spring. It looked worn and rusty, and it seemed to answer Christopher’s question. Someone had been living here, but from the looks of it, had been in a hurry to get away. But, from what? Christopher turned this idea over and over in his mind, then something else caught his eye. it was a hideaway, built into the wall.

But who would need a hideaway, within a secret room, inside an abandoned mine? Then it occurred to him. It must be someone trying to hide something. Curious, he approached the mysterious hole in the wall, but can’t help but feel disappointed when he finds it completely empty. About to turn around and continue down the tunnel, he noticed something on the wall. Some sort of writing.


A hideout in the gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

He shone his flashlight into the hidey-hole and found strange white scratches on the inside. When he looked closer, he realized that they were parallel lines, gouged four at a time. Then it dawned on him that these scratches must have been made by hands.

The depth of the scratches was superficial but had made a mark on the cement. Who, or what, had made these marks? And where were they now? But he didn’t have time to dwell on that question, because as he turned he saw something that would haunt him forever.


a message inside the gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

Turning to the opposite wall, he found more markings. But these weren’t vertical lines, they were words, but he couldn’t make them out. He decided to pull out his camera and take a photograph to study the message later. Suddenly he heard a noise behind him.

Every hair on his body stood up. Someone was there with him, in the darkness. he swung his flashlight wildly in the direction of the noise but found nothing. Then, he heard a sound like the screeching of metal on metal and an icy breeze blew past his shoulder like a whisper. A coldness washed over him, sucking every warm thought and feeling out of him. It came from behind, and then from the front until it was all around him. The noise grew closer, louder, and more frantic …until he ran.

Running for His Life

Back to the entrance of the gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

Shivers prickled down his spine, and he felt the blood grow icy in his veins as he ran and ran. Something wasn’t right here …his mind told him not to move, but then his body dragged him to the light of the entrance as if he depended on it. When he finally burst out of the mine he fell to the ground, clutching his chest.

He should have known, everything had seemed so right, but it was utterly wrong. A gold mine would have been too good to be true, and he knew it. He jumped up and continued to run through the woods, all the way home. There was a stillness in the air that seemed to dampen the sound of his footfalls, and even the trees seemed tense for what was to come. He ran like he had never run before in his life.

A Haunted Mine?

Google search on the gold mine

He reached his house and immediately made his way to the study, locking the door behind him.  Something sinister was in that mine, and he needed answers. Googling ‘haunted mines’, he waited tensely for the results to load. And then he felt it. That thing that had been in the mine was there with him. He wasn’t alone. Whipping around, the sounds of hushed whispering erupted all around him. Could he be going crazy?

Suddenly, the whispering stopped. The temperature plummeted and all he could hear was his heavy breathing. Then, the Google search finally loaded and the first result read: “If you want to get rid of the paranormal activity in the mine and subsequently, in your life, you have to face it.” But could he really? Was he brave enough to go back and make it leave him alone?

Someone There

facing his fears in the gold mine

Christopher heard the knocking on his door coming in threes, three times. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he said “Hello?” Then he took a few tentative steps forward until he reached the door handle. He prayed as he twisted it, but it opened freely.

He walked over to the kitchen and was startled by a soft whirring sound. It had come from his camera. He picked it up, puzzled. He could have sworn he had turned it off as he got inside his house. Then he checked on the photos he had taken, but they were all gone. But who had deleted hem from the SD card? Swinging the camera over his shoulder by its strap, he turned and walked out the door. This time, he was going to face whatever was in there.

Mustering Up Courage

Back inside the gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

Christopher gathered all the courage he could muster as he entered the mine for the third time.  He is greeted by darkness at first, but then he realizes his colossal mistake.  The black passage that he had run out of twice already seemed to be darker than before.

Assuming that his flashlight was running low, he continued on. He walked through the puddles of water until a cold gust of air hits his face. The impact leaves him shaking, but then he hears the screeching noise of metal again. He had to face it, but he never knew what a terrible mistake he had made.

A Terrible Sound

exploring the haunted gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

His feet led the way through the darkened tunnel, but suddenly his body stopped. The noise was so close to his ears that they began to ring in pain. The metal noise had become a hurricane around him, like a cacophony of screeching metal. It was the most terrifying sound he had ever heard.

Holding his head in his hands, Christopher waited for what seemed like an eternity. Then, as suddenly as it had started, everything stopped. He looked up out of pure instinct and an indescribable terror swept through him.

Dancing Chains

An eerie sight in the gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

The rusted chains that were hanging from the rock ceiling of the tunnel started to swing rhythmically as if they were dancing. He couldn’t even begin to process the noise of swooshing water, he was so hypnotized by what he was witnessing. As his eyes began to focus he saw it, a torrent of water that was coming toward him like a tidal wave.

“I must be going crazy!” Christopher yelled as the brittle silence broke with the roaring sound of water.  His head pounded, and every cell in his body screamed for oxygen as he gathered himself to runs toward the light, the entrance. What could he do now? He knew he just couldn’t face whatever it was in there.

Reaching the Light

something strange inside the gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

Christopher burst out of the gold mine and into what he believed to be his salvation. Looking back one last time, he was perplexed. There was no wall of water roaring toward him — in fact, there was no water at all. There was not a single puddle in the entrance. Bewildered, he saw his own footsteps, but that was all. He began to walk back to his house.

He knew then he had to call someone, but who could help him with paranormal activity? All he knew was that he couldn’t continue to live like this. He walked through the dark woods until he saw the twinkle of his kitchen light.  But he didn’t remember leaving the light on. Was there someone there?

All Alone

property with a gold mine

Opening the door, he immediately felt that his home was empty. No one had been here, he must have left the lights on himself. He shuffled through to his kitchen, but he can’t get what had happened that day out of his mind. Did everything really happen? He sat silently on his chair in his study and decided to open his computer up. Christopher had never believed in ghosts, hauntings, or the paranormal. But how else could he explain what was happening to him?

Opening the search engine, he began to type. But then, the screen went black. Christopher looked in disbelief at the screen, now dead. Tears filled his eyes. What could possibly go wrong next?


Running out the gold mine

Christopher was mentally and physically exhausted. He felt like that day had completely worn him down. Cupping his face with his hands, he suddenly felt a pulling sensation, as if something was pulling at his feet like a magnet. Stumbling backward, he fell to the ground. And then he made a decision. He had to get out of there, and he had to get help. Surely everything could be explained rationally?

He had read that some cases of paranormal activity were due to hallucinations brought on by toxic gases. Maybe that was a reasonable explanation. Perhaps the water in the mine wasn’t flowing but was stagnant and noxious.  He got into his car and started to drive to the nearest café.

Espresso to Go

something supernatural in the gold mine

Psychic Readings By Roxy

Christopher ordered a double espresso, and while he waited he started a search engine on his phone, quickly typing ‘best Paranologist near me,’ half expecting this screen to go dark, too.  And he was surprised to see that two different places had matched with what he was looking for, and they were close by.

Getting in his car, he followed the directions until Google Maps told him that he had reached his destination. He was immediately struck by the sign that said ‘TAROT readings’ in bold purple. Good Lord, he thought. Had it really come to this?


Mysterious gold mine

Haunted Mines / Youtube

As he walked into the door, a chime went off to announce his arrival. A woman appeared from the back, wearing purple silk. She turned to Christopher and silently offered him her hand. The smell of incense was overpowering as she began to chant. The song sounded familiar, and Christopher was lulled into a trance. Then, he knew where he had heard that song before. The song she was singing was the noise he had heard when he was inside the gold mine, but more melodic. He opened his eyes and ran out the door, got into his car and sped away.

He drove on and didn’t stop until he reached his mother’s house, and then he put his new property up for sale. The realtors tried to get hold of him, but he had left the estate in the care of his mother. She would sell it to anyone and would take any offers. But there are questions that remain unanswered. Did Christopher really see something supernatural on his property? Was the mine really haunted? And has anyone entered it since?