Man Leaves Wife Hours Before She Wins Lottery

He wanted nothing more to do with her. Through her tears, she smirked. If only he knew he had just left a millionaire. She called a lawyer.


Laura’s stomach twisted and churned as she soaked up every unimaginable word. But what was yet to come left her gasping for air.

He wasn’t coming back. He wanted nothing more to do with her. Through her tears, she smirked. If only he knew, he had just left a millionaire. Laura called a lawyer.

College Sweethearts



Laura and Jack were married for seven years before their relationship suddenly and irrevocably came eroded apart.

Laura first met Jack in college. He was a popular guy known for slacking off on his work and missing class. She was a studious girl who always showed up early for class and scored straight A’s.

A Happy Marriage


Laura admits that there was no immediate attraction between the two at first. In fact, they were so different that he was the last person she ever imagined marrying. Yet, three years later, they tied the knot.

For seven years, their marriage was nothing but happy – or so she thought.

Lucky Habit

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She looked at her husband’s handwritten letter in complete shock. Her hands trembled as her face went pale. This was not happening. There’s no way this was happening.

Laura was an avid lotto ticket buyer. She picked up the habit in college and had played every month since. But never in a million years did she ever believe she’d actually win.

Hard Times


Although Laura was happy with Jack, their relationship wasn’t perfect and times weren’t always easy. Jack dropped out of college and struggled with maintaining any career ambitions. Laura ended up leaving her office job to wait tables in order to better support the couple living in a one-bedroom apartment.

It wasn’t the life Laura imagined for herself but she always believed they’d eventually find their feet and things would get better. But she was wrong – kind of.

Lotto Winner

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It was just like any other day when Laura found out that she won the lottery. She was taking a break from a late-night shift in work when she remembered to check the lottery drawings online.

Her heart pounded as she matched her numbers to the screen. She wanted nothing more than to scream, jump and shout but instead, she decided to play it cool.

Secret Surprises


She calmly finished her food and walked over to her manager to announce her resignation and that this would be the last day she was working here.

She went home that night with a plan. She wanted to surprise Jack with her news on their date this weekend so she had to keep it a secret until then. Little did she know, Jack had planned his own secret surprise waiting for her.

Missing Husband


Laura came home in what could only be described as one of the happiest moods of her life! All of the strains and struggles of the relationship could finally disappear. She couldn’t contain her excitement.

But when she got home, Jack was nowhere to be seen. On the table, lay a note addressed to Laura.

The Letter

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“Dear Wife,” the letter said. She continued to read the letter curiously. But it wasn’t long before that curiosity turned into complete and utter shock.

Jack wrote that he had been a good man and husband to Laura for seven years but had “nothing to show for it”. Laura’s palms grew sweaty as her heart began to pound. She kept reading.

Feeling Neglected

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Jack wrote that he had been feeling neglected for a while now and that she didn’t even notice when he got a haircut and was wearing a new pair of silk boxers last week.

He accused her of seeing someone else or at the very least, not loving him anymore. He mentioned that she never ate dinner with him anymore and would always leave to watch TV before he was done. But he had yet to deliver the final blow.

Tearful Smirk


Laura’s stomach twisted and churned as she soaked up every unimaginable word. But what was yet to come left her gasping for air.

Jack declared that he wasn’t coming back. He didn’t love her anymore and wanted nothing more to do with her. Through her tears, she smirked. If only he knew, he just left a millionaire. Laura called a lawyer.

Between The Lines


Immediately, Laura knew what this letter meant. He didn’t say it but she had a woman’s intuition that read between the lines. There was no way she’d let her ex-husband have access to her newfound fortune.

She discussed her situation with her lawyer and showed him the note. Would their divorce give him access to her jackpot?



The lawyer assured her that the letter was proof that he’d never see a penny. He had even signed the letter off as “ex-husband”. Laura really wanted to tell him what he had walked away from but she also wanted to settle the divorce papers to ensure a smooth process.

Once she did, she came up with a plan on how to tell him.

Another Letter


Although Laura was devastated when she first read the letter, she now realizes that it has all worked out for the best. Also, it was difficult for her to be sad for too long. After all, she had just won the lotto!

After the divorce papers were signed and sealed, Laura sent her ex-husband a letter. She told him everything.

Paid In Full


She also made one thing clear; he had never really been a good man to her. He lived off her, watched her quit her office job to waitressing to support him when he was out of work, and never once thanked her.

From the very beginning, she selflessly loved him. Now, she saw everything so clearly. What is given will be returned in full. That ticket was her award!