Google Earth Images That Are Works Of Art


Google Earth

Google Earth allows people to use satellite images to get a birds-eye view of the world. This is free for anyone to use.

This means that a few people with a lot of time on their hands have closely examined thousands of images to find some pretty spine chilling events.

Intrepid Potash

Public Domain

Intrepid Potash is a manufacturer of fertilizer in Denver, Colorado. They need evaporation pools to create their chemicals.

These bright blue pools speed up the evaporation process of the chemicals and can easily be seen from Google Earth.


Public Domain

In the countryside of Chile, there’s a famous site dedicated to Coca-Cola made up of 70,000 empty bottles.

Nobody knows where this mysterious monument comes from, but it must have taken dedication to making them spell “Coca-Cola”. It can clearly be seen on Google Earth if you know what you’re looking for.