Woman Demands Strangers Move Seat For Her Comfort



She couldn’t believe that he would switch for her, it wasn’t a big deal, he should just move for her. The man refused, how could he?

But who was really in the wrong here? Who was imposing whose beliefs onto someone else? We’re about to find out.

Switch Seats

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A man was sitting in his seat unaware of the drama that was about to occur. A woman who was scheduled to sit next to him refused. She wanted to take his aisle seat due to “religious” reasons. Was that really the issue?

He told her that he was gay if it helped, but that just seemed to anger her further. It was his seat, and he had his right to keep it.

Throwing a Tantrum

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She thought that she was being discriminated against because of her religion. But it had nothing to do with that, it was because she was being unreasonable.

The woman eventually got someone else to swap with her but not before she made her thoughts clear on the matter.