Guy Secretly Records People’s Response As He Accidentally Drops His Wallet

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A young man named Adrian Gruszka enjoys conducting extreme social experiments within the community he lives in.

He accidentally drops his wallet in public to see the response he receives. You won’t believe what you see.


Adrian is filmed from a distance by a friend who is also curious, to capture what people do when they notice he has dropped his wallet.

Do they pick up the wallet and pocket it or give it back?


While what some people do can completely kill your faith in humanity, others can restore it.

Adrian bought a cheap wallet that he wouldn’t mind losing to conduct the experiment. It’s surprising what people do.


Here Adrian is found talking on his cellphone, while this woman has clearly seen him drop his wallet on the side-walk.

The stranger has an accomplice, who also stops to look over at Adrian, as he places his suitcase over the missing wallet. What is his next move?


The man clearly unzips the suitcase to put the wallet into. The woman’s accomplice completed the unintended theft of the wallet.

The two watch on as Adrian walks away. But what is in the wallet?


What Adrian had done, is cleverly fill the wallet with random items as well as till slips. The wallet contained no real valuables.

But as this case may make you lose faith in humanity, have a look at those who restore that same faith.


Adrian thought he would take his skateboard and conduct his experiment further alongside a lake, where he again would drop his wallet.

Where here he found the exact opposite response from people. What was the woman doing?


She was clearly running to Adrian to return his wallet to him. Adrian had found that twice as many people opted to return his wallet to him without thinking twice about it.

He found that some people are desperate and may try to take advantage of the situation, while most people really look out for others.