Bride Passes Out When Her Groom Whispers A Secret In Her Ear

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Young Love


Maggie and Caleb were madly in love and knew in their hearts that the time had finally come for them to get married. They had planned the special event for months and had carefully thought of every detail. They wanted their day to be perfect. But, little did they know, nothing could have prepared them for a surprise that would cause Maggie to faint at the altar. Although they had been through a lot together, they never expected this.

They had known each other since attending the same high school in Asheville, North Carolina. They had mutual friends as well, so the two ending up together seemed to be the work of fate. The thought of dating Caleb had crossed Maggie’s mind before, but she never thought that it would ever happen. On the day of their wedding, however, Maggie found something out about Caleb that she didn’t quite know how to deal with.

Wanting More


When Maggie and Caleb had completed high school, however, the pair began to see each other differently. Maturity had changed their priorities and something had changed, but neither of the pair could pinpoint exactly what or where. But both Caleb and Maggie knew that they wanted more.

After deciding to date, they knew that it was worth the wait – and it was what they both had wanted all along.

Following Their Dreams

Maggie and Caleb had both been diligent students at school, and they were both working towards their own goals. They supported each other, encouraging the other to reach the goals that they had set for themselves.

Caleb desperately wanted to be a Marine, and nothing would stand in his way. But what the unsuspecting pair never anticipated was that, in time, they would become a lot more than just friends. And, soon, they would be internet-famous.

Making It Official


It was only in 2013, however, that the pair eventually gave in to their growing feelings toward one another. When they started dating officially, their families weren’t the least surprised. As the relationship grew from strength to strength, Caleb and Maggie were ecstatic.

And it wouldn’t be long before they decided to take the relationship to the next level.

The Big Question


Caleb had no doubt in his mind that he wanted to spend his life with Maggie. He knew that she was the love of his life. So, the only thing left to do was to tell her how he felt. He visited a jewelry store and picked out the perfect engagement ring.

Even though they were young, Caleb knew that Maggie was the only woman for him. But did Maggie feel the same way?

Waiting For An Answer


After asking Maggie’s parents for permission, all he needed to do now was pop the big question. When the day arrived, he felt his heart race as he asked Maggie to be his bride and took the ring out from his pocket.

It seemed like an eternity waiting for her answer, but she said yes. At the time, Caleb and Maggie were only 22 years old. But they knew that their love would be enough to overcome any obstacles that came their way.

Wedding Stress


Although Maggie was usually unflappable, the stress of planning the wedding began to take its toll on her. And Caleb began to worry, too. All the preparations were a lot more than they had been expecting and took far more time than they had initially imagined.

They found that they were spending less time together, and it put strain on their relationship. But would it all be worth it?

God’s Plan


The couple was struggling to manage their time, juggling their busy careers and the wedding preparations. Nevertheless, the pair was determined to make it work. And the fact that Caleb and Maggie shared the same religious views eased some of the burden.

They both had faith that God would guide them through this difficult time in their lives. But they had no idea exactly what He had planned for them.

A Promise


Luckily, the pair was accustomed to difficult times. So, they remained steadfast in their decision. In Caleb’s eyes, he finally had the love of an incredible woman and he was prepared to do anything to keep her.

He often thanked his lucky stars that Maggie was in his life. And, just as he had done in high school, he vowed to support, protect, and encourage her for the rest of his life.



Despite their age, Caleb and Maggie were very mature. Maggie attributes this to having to hold down the fort while Caleb was away. He was often out serving his country – he’d achieved his dream of becoming a Marine.

However, as honorable as his occupation was, it put a lot of strain on both of them. Maggie often didn’t know where Caleb was, or when he was coming home.

Team Confidence


Caleb had achieved his goal of becoming a marine at the age of 19, three years before their marriage. This was not only an impressive achievement but it also let the couple get a very good idea of what their life together would be like.

The question, however, was how would this affect them once they were married?

Booked Solid


The two of them didn’t go overboard with their wedding plans as they preferred to keep is small and more focused on their beliefs. They did face a problem, however. All the photographers they contacted were already booked.

They started to get worried as this was the only thing that would be missing from their wedding. This was not something they were used to.

Word Of Mouth


The wedding day was drawing closer and closer. The photographer was still something that seemed unattainable. Then a miracle happened. One of their friends suggested a popular photographer called Dwayne Schmidt.

The couple knew that he was in high demand due to his skill and talent. They decided to contact him, hoping that he might be available. At such short notice, however, they were not too optimistic.

Making An Impression


Caleb and Maggie met with Schmidt a couple of weeks before the wedding. He showed them his portfolio and the couple was highly impressed with his work. They immediately decided to ask him to take photos of their wedding since he was clearly the best possible choice. They asked the dreaded question about his availability.

To their great delight, he was available on their special day. They never thought that this perfect photographer would change their lives forever.

Bearer Of Bad News


Finally, everything had fallen into place. The happy couple could not imagine the possibility of anything going wrong. About a week before their wedding they received a phone call that shattered their world.

The devastating news sent the couple scurrying to find a solution. Their entire wedding seemed like it was about to fall apart after that phone call. The couple had no idea how to handle the twist that life had just thrown at them.

Sickening Thought


Dwayne called the couple with news that threatened to derail everything. Their perfect photographer required an emergency surgical procedure. He had to have kidney stones removed. Although his surgery was a week before the wedding, it would be quite a serious operation and there was no assurance that he would be well enough to take the photos of their special day.

Maggie and Caleb decided that they would just stay the course and let nothing derail their wedding.

Power Of Belief


The couple refused to stop having faith. They had faced greater hardships before, such as whenever Caleb was away. This was just one more obstacle that they knew their faith could help them overcome.

So, despite how desperate things seemed, the couple simply put their faith in God.

Successful Operation


Whether it was the power of prayer, or the progress if modern medicine, the couple was ecstatic to hear the news that Dwayne’s surgery had been a success and that he was recuperating.

There was still about a week before the wedding for him to heal so the couple tried to find something to distract themselves. The focused on everything which was still going well and put their problems into perspective.

Getting Better


A few days before the wedding, Caleb called the photographer. He was anxious and worried when he called, but he wasn’t prepared for what he told Caleb. Dwayne had completely healed in time for their wedding.

As stressful as it had been, everything was back on track for their big day. The couple’s prayers seemed to have given them their own miracle.

Special Request


Caleb had a reputation for upholding tradition in all aspects of his life, but on his big wedding day, he wanted things to be a bit different. He had something particular in mind for their photographer, and when he told him his idea he was thrilled about it. Caleb reached out to the photographer and he requested that they do some very special photos of the couple before the ceremony.

Dwayne was shocked! He was excited that the couple was breaking tradition and wanted to do something unique and unusual. This would be an opportunity to break away from the traditional wedding photos and showcase his love of art and composition.

The Big Day


When the big day finally came, Dwayne was happily snapping away, capturing all the special moments at the wedding. He was taking all kinds of photos for the couple and their family, documenting them as they got ready for the most important day of their lives. And just like Caleb requested, the photographer knew that he would be entering the same room that Maggie was in at some point.

He was well-prepared for this moment, but he still wasn’t sure what would happen. Nevertheless, he was curious and excited to witness the outcome of all the photos.

Breaking Tradition


Dwayne was with the bride and her bridesmaids and the room was full of excited women who were getting dolled up for the day. Dayne was snapping photos throughout the whole process, documenting every detail as they had their makeup and hair done, all the while anticipating the entrance of Caleb. When it was finally time, Dwayne was ready.

Caleb could be seen through the lens, entering through a door at the back of the room. Dwayne could tell from his body language that Caleb was very, very nervous about the moment. Dwayne made sure to take photos.



Maggie was around the corner, completely unaware that Caleb was even there. The rest of the women in the room saw Caleb enter, and then there was an air of excitement and anticipation in the room as they all waited with bated breath. Caleb, with his eyes down, was becoming more and more nervous as he walked closer and closer to Maggie.

They had both waited for this moment for such a long time, and now it was finally upon him. He could only imagine what his beautiful soon-to-be wife looked like behind the wall. It was a moment he will never forget.

The Moment Arrives


Caleb finally made it to the set of stairs near the far wall. A door beside the stairs was ajar, and Maggie was waiting just on the other side of it. She had been waiting for him all along, and now they had finally reached their moment.

It was now or never. Dwayne was entranced as he snapped away, focusing on Caleb as he approached the stairway and leaned with his back against the wall. The door slowly opened, and Caleb could hardly contain himself. Maggie slowly leaned out of the doorway, careful not to look at her future husband.



The couple did not look at one another, as they promised that they would still keep up with some classic traditions. They did not want to be connected before they had spoken their vows in front of their loved ones, friends, and family. With that, Caleb reached out his arm from around the doorway and blindly searched for Maggie’s hand with his. She responded, meeting Caleb in the doorway.

At that moment, the couple grasped hands and connected. Then, just as their hands met, they immediately broke down. It was a very emotional moment, one that Dwayne was determined to capture forever.

Good Vibrations


Caleb and Maggie were completely absorbed with one another in their own private moment — only they existed to each other. But the rest of the room couldn’t help but feel some of the magic as well. All of the women in the room were totally emotional watching the couple find each other’s hands in the doorway. Dwayne was busy at this moment.

He did not just want to capture the bride and groom, but he wanted to capture the other’s reactions as well. It was such a beautiful moment, and it wasn’t even close to being over yet.

Shared Prayer


The couple was emotional, but they wanted to make sure that they said everything they wanted to say at this moment. Tears rolled down Caleb and Maggie’s cheeks as they decided to say a prayer. With trembling voices, hands firmly locked together, they asked God to bless their marriage. It was an overwhelming moment for everyone who witnessed it.

Both Caleb and Maggie asked for the support and guidance they were seeking, and they asked that God go with them into their marriage until the end. They wanted to share their lives together according to the will of God.

Beautiful Surprise


Caleb and Maggie had planned to say their prayers together, but Maggie wasn’t prepared for what would happen next. After the prayer together, Caleb said something that he had prepared carefully and on his own. Caleb’s words came as a surprise to Maggie and she was totally shocked. In front of all of the people watching, Caleb built up the courage to speak out about his true feelings and his faith in God.

But when he began to speak, Maggie just listened to him silently from behind the door, soaking up every unforgettable word that he said. But she wasn’t the only one.

A Blessing


Everyone in the room was totally silent, on tenterhooks. They wanted to make sure that Maggie had heard every word that Caleb said. Right before the ceremony began, and with teary eyes, Caleb spoke. With shaking hands, Caleb asked God to bless his beautiful bride-to-be and to also bless his amazing future family.

Caleb believed that it was right to ask for this before they were married, and Maggie was completely touched by all of this. She covered her face with her hands and knew that she had made the right decision. The couple never suspected that the moment would be shared by so many.

More Views


The beautiful moment had been documented, and family and friends who had not seen the moment in person were able to witness the whole thing. It was a great way for the couple to be able to share their moment with everyone who hadn’t been able to make it to their wedding. Most of all, they were thankful for Dwayne being there to capture the moment.

Suddenly, more and more people started to ask them if they could see the touching photograph after they had heard about it. Of course, Maggie and Caleb were happy to share it with all of their guests.

Special Moment


Dwayne had taken one picture in particular that he was very excited about. It happened while the couple was holding hands around the corner. Maggie and Caleb both bared their souls in that instant, and Dwayne felt privileged to have witnessed it.

The photo was so beautiful and heartfelt, and Dwayne was getting so many compliments from Caleb and Maggie’s family, that he decided to post it on his Facebook page. It was on Facebook that people began to see the photo and share it. In all his days of being a photographer, Dwayne had never experienced such a response from one photo.



Everyone responded very positively to the story of Caleb and Maggie. They loved what the photo stood for, and they loved that Dwayne was able to capture such raw emotion in the couple. Dwayne felt as though people could not only see but also feel the emotions that the couple was feeling when they looked at the photo.

It captured the couple’s commitment to each other and to their faith in a very genuine way. He was beyond proud and honored. To his surprise, the views on social media kept growing, and people continue to support his talent and react to the amazing story.

A Touching Story


At the end of the big day, the couple couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out. Although it was totally overwhelming at times, all they could think about was the fact that they were now together forever. With that in mind, Caleb and Maggie were very thankful to their guests, and to Dwayne in particular.

Their day would not have been nearly as amazing without being able to share it with these special people. And when they look at the moment that Dwayne captured so beautifully, they know that they will never forget the promises they made that day.

High Demand


After Dwayne posted the photo of Maggie and Caleb, the demand for his work increased tenfold. So many people had shared the sweet photo, that soon more and more couples were exposed to his work. With his newfound fame, Dwayne began to receive hundreds of requests from couples who were looking for an exceptional wedding photographer.

Things got so wild that Dwayne had to turn down 16 weddings in one summer because of one amazing photo that had been shared hundreds of times. At the end of the day, Dwayne couldn’t help but have his own bit of faith.

Going Strong


And the photo that Dwayne took is still gaining attention, and its effect shows no signs of slowing any time soon. The photo was featured on the cover of ‘I Do!’, and the Facebook post that Dwayne made has gotten more than 100 shares and more than 900 likes, loves, and teary-eyed emotions. The original photo of Maggie and Caleb’s heartfelt moment that Dwayne posted has since garnered more than 61,000 likes, 9,00 shares, and more than 3,000 comments.

People of all walks of life seem to be coming across the photo, and it never fails to stir the deepest emotions.

Normal Life


After their wedding took place, Caleb and Maggie assumed that they would be leading a normal life. However, after their special photo began to go viral, things changed drastically. They had attracted an enormous amount of attention and fans.

The couple, famous overnight, was asked to go with Dwayne on a lot of talk show appearances, and they took part in all kinds of interviews discussing their faith, love, and their wedding day. It was odd to the couple, who were simply thrilled that they were able to help Dwayne’s business — all because of a twist of fate that had brought the photographer into their lives. But that wasn’t all that happened at the wedding…

A Forever Memory


You see Caleb Had been saving up every penny he had. Working long hours leading up to the big day. He was saving for something EXTRA special that he could do for his future bride… even more than a big beautiful ceremony. Maggie had been planning the ceremony and he wanted to do something special for her that she would never forget. He leaned over with what Maggie thought was going to be an innocent kiss on the cheek he whispered to her, “I have a surprise for you….we are going to Fiji right after the vows are over with”.

He leaned back as if he didn’t just drop a bomb on her insides. 10 seconds went by where Maggie just kneeled at the altar stunned. Then all of a sudden, overcome with emotion and shock, she passed out! Caleb couldn’t believe it! His bride where he had done so much planning and preparation for just passed out at the altar! Well, this story has a happy ending after all because after the videographer stopped filming Maggie shortly after.