Woman Finds Supercar In Grandma’s Garage


Unseen For 20 Years

She walked into her grandmother’s garage, she knew it was here, underneath all of the garbage that accumulated over 20 years. It was finally time to unveil what lay beneath.

She pulled at the tarp and it slowly slid off of the old body. Dust permeated the air and glimmered through the rays of light shining through the cracked window.


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She knew that nothing could bring her grandmother back, but she still wanted to find a piece of her to remember her by. So she trekked to her house to see if she could find something special.

She had heard the rumors about it, she wanted to see if it really was true. If it were the case then she’d be looking in the dusty garage hiding under various pieces of junk.


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Eri pulled at the dusty tarp and the old body came into view. An old car, a relic of the past. She knew she had found something special.

It was a Lamborghini Countach, a hypercar from the mid ’70s. It may have been a little beat up but it was such a valuable asset for her to leave behind. Eri felt special.