The Most Gorgeous Casino Buildings Worldwide

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Sparingly famous architects have a finger in the pie of casino project conception. But when they do, the result of their work marvels anyone and can be rightfully included to the list of modern architecture wonders. This article is a virtual way to circumnavigate the globe and witness beauty of the most beautiful gambling houses.

Australia’s Crown Casino


Daryl Jackson’s creation captivates attention of every traveler in Melbourne. Firstly, it is situated in the most pictorial place of a city near Yarra River. Secondly, it offers breathtaking light shows, scenic fountains and polished lines that will allow nobody to stay untouched.

South Africa’s Sun City Resort Casino


Owner of the Sun hotels international network Sol Kerzner surpassed himself when creating this house that perfectly blends into natural landscape and is also famous for its fine cuisine in the chain of restaurants.

Bahamas’ Atlantis resort Casino


This building is famous for Crystal Gate that is formed of thousands of beads. Apart from gambling areas visitors are also attracted by aquariums and dolphinarium shows.

Las Vegas Venetian Casino


Venetian is included to a list of most expensive casino buildings ever and proposes a full immersion to the world of Venetian Carnival. Today, this building is also considered to be the largest indoor betting houses worldwide.

Monaco’s Monte Carlo


The story of this betting house started in 1850’s – it was created by Charles Garnier and today it is the personification of high-stakes gambling as it is the place for rich players.

Las Vegas’ Bellagio


Hardly surprising that Las Vegas houses many betting house buildings that have “the most” in front of their names. Created by Steve Wynn, Bellagio is another the most expensive betting house of the world and its design was inspired by the Lake Come resort in Italy. It has a large lake where the dancing fountains shows take place.

Macau’s Wynn


Another creation of Steve Wynn, this betting house captures attention by its atrium for the outset. There visitors and gamblers admire the landscape of the Performance Lake with the golden Tree of Prosperity and astrological symbols.

Las Vegas Caesar’s


This building is an embodiment of power and success – it is a real imperial residency and every gambler is treated like a king here.

Malaysia’s Casino De Genting


This gambling house doesn’t limit its entertainment with gambling and slots only. There are a theme park, museums, roller coasters and 29 thematic restaurants. Add there one of the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen and you will get a clear notion of one of the most beautiful places around the globe.

Germany’s Casino Baden

Baden-Baden, Germany,

Baden-Baden, Germany,

It is one of the oldest betting houses there is as its history recons more than 250 years. This place is legendary and every visit there resembles exposure to the life of aristocrats.