After Parking In Disabled Spot, Woman Gets A Note



How could they? They didn’t know her unique situation, to them she was just a stranger. The assumptions made were arrogant and irrational.

To leave a note like this on her windshield? The audacity to be so rude. She couldn’t believe anyone was this cruel.

Yasmin Swift

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Yasmin Swift had her share of struggles. After getting thinner and weaker for months one doctor finally managed to give her a proper diagnosis.

She had Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. This was a rare condition that affected her heart and lungs. It meant she didn’t breathe properly and thus didn’t get enough oxygen.

The Note

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This meant that the note telling her not to park in disabled spots brought tears to her eyes. Even if she didn’t look disabled she had her diagnosis to prove that she had the right to park there.

She has since stopped caring what onlookers think. Just in case anyone else decides to leave a crass note misunderstanding the situation.