Kid Was Found Under Sand By Another Child, Mom Had Forgotten Him

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Eleven-year-old Conor Fitzgerald was out for a day at the beach with his family and he was having fun making sandcastles over by the rockpools. He had been digging sand up all afternoon and his sand kingdom was looking amazing.

He dug his spade into the ground once more for fresh sand but this time his spade hit something. Was it a stone? As the sand was unearthed and he saw what he had just dug up his blood ran cold.



Five-year-old Tommy Charles was at the beach with his mom and her new boyfriend, Carl. Tommy’s mom had a new dad for him every few months and it was always the same routine with her. She would be obsessed with them for a while and Tommy would be ignored.

He especially hated when he wanted to hang out with her and play but she was wrestling with her boyfriends instead. She never wanted to play with him until they disappeared and she decided to love him again. This day at the beach was not one of those kinds of days.



Tommy’s mom Tara was totally infatuated with her new boyfriend Carl and she didn’t care who saw. They made out in full view of everyone on the beach like teenagers and were starting to get dirty looks and disapproving comments.

Tommy came over and asked would she come to play with him. “Not now son!” she giggled as Carl kissed her again. “Mommy is busy. Go play by the rockpools and put some sunscreen on yourself!”. Tommy sighed and walked away. Tara would regret the moment she said no to her child for a boyfriend forever.

Digging A Hole


Tommy realized he wasn’t wanted and left the new couple with his head hung low. At five years old he was used to this feeling of rejection from his mom. He decided to start digging a huge hole to hide in so maybe she might wonder where he was.

As the sun beat down on his uncovered back he began to burn but he didn’t care. Maybe his mom might care if he did burn. When he had his accident, he learned everything he needed to know about how his mom felt about him.

In The Blink Of An Eye


Tommy had been digging for hours and his mom hadn’t even come over to him once. His back was scorched and itchy so he decided to climb into his big hole and cool down.

As he lay in his hole staring up at the sun, he felt sad that his mom wouldn’t come over and see what he had done. All the other kid’s moms seemed to care. Then in the blink of an eye, the tide rushed in and caused one side of his hole to collapse on top of him. Would his mom come to his rescue?

Playing Nearby


Eleven-year-old Conor Fitzgerald was playing on the beach with his siblings when he heard a strange noise. He looked up. There had been a little boy digging a big hole a few feet away from him and he could see the top of his head sticking out of the hole but now he was gone.

However, his stuff remained in a little pile where he had left it. Conor sensed something was seriously off and decided to check out the hole. What he discovered would make his blood run cold.

Checking It Out


Conor approached the hole with caution. It was extremely deep when he had glanced over at the boy earlier on but now it was partially filled. The tide had also come in quite close to where the hole was.

Conor was the eldest of his siblings and had a naturally protective nature so he instantly started worrying about the boy. Conor knew what he had to do next.



Conor knew his siblings needed sand for more castles so he decided to start digging. First, he went with his hands but then he grabbed his spade and began to unearth the sand by the bucketful.

He dug and dug for about five minutes when his spade hit something. It didn’t feel like a rock. That was when Conor saw it.

A Hand


As he removed the sand from the area where he’d felt his spade collide with something, he saw it. A hand poked out of the sand and at that point, he knew he had to act, and fast.

He began digging as fast as he could while telling his siblings to run and get help. Conor was terrified. Was the boy OK? He was about to find out.

Remember Your Training


Conor had dug Tommy out in less than five minutes and lifted him up onto the beach. He had done a first aid course in school and remembered practicing CPR on a dummy. He figured now was the time to use this training.

Conor gave Tommy mouth to mouth until he heard him gasp. He was totally fine! Tommy opened his eyes while coughing. “Mommy?” he asked. “I’m not your mom, I’m Conor, but I’m going to look after you and make sure you’re all right, just hang in there buddy!” smiled Conor. Tommy’s ordeal was not over yet.



Conor’s siblings had alerted their parents to what had just happened and they had called 911. Despite being revived at the scene by Conor after his sudden accident, Tommy still had to go to the hospital to make sure everything was ok.

As the paramedic lifted him onto a stretcher to bring him to the hospital, he asked where his parents were and did they know where he was. “Moms over there” sighed Tommy pointing at the still canoodling couple who hadn’t noticed a thing.

Hadn’t Noticed A Thing


Tara was so wrapped up in Tommy’s affection and flirting and trying to get the perfect selfie of them for her Instagram that she hadn’t even noticed the ambulance speeding down the beach.

The couple continued their over the top PDA until they literally couldn’t ignore the ambulance anymore. It had driven right up to them. Tara was about to get what was coming to her.



As the ambulance drove up to Tara and Carl with Tomy in the back, the paramedic hopped out and went right up to them. “Madam, you’ll need to pay more attention to your child. He’s in the ambulance and he’s lucky to be alive” said the paramedic bluntly

With that, Tara stood up immediately and slapped Carl. “This is your fault loser, you distracted me from being a mom! Oh my God, I’m a terrible mom! Tommy, mommy’s coming, I’m so sorry!” she cried as she ran to the ambulance. Tommy’s mom was finally there for him but in the worst way possible.