Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Other Things


Nature’s Course

Fruits and vegetables are common foods. When chemically grown, they all more or less look the same. But sometimes organic produce can grow in surprising ways.

Take a look at some of the most hilarious fruits and vegetables that look like e something entirely different.

Sad Carrot

Public Domain

This carrot looks very sad, so sad that they’ve sprouted arms and legs and have decided that they’d rather stew in their own thoughts about what their purpose is than be obedient like other carrots.

We’re sure this carrot ended up being just as tasty as all the others though. Even if it went through a bit of depression before being eaten.


Public Domain

It looks like chicken but it tastes like… strawberries? It may look like chicken but we know it would be way tastier raw.

We wonder if this would lay any eggs or if they’d just be more strawberries?


Public Domain

You could say that this one gourd-geous duck. Or a ducking beautiful gourd. Either way, its resemblance is uncanny.

What would you do with something this beautiful? Would you roast it with your favorite veg it stuff it?