Food For Fines is More Than Giving


We are all connected in some way to each other. As a human being, if we are able to have empathy and give back to the community we spread hope to others.

Serving the Community

What opportunities are out there to serve the community? Turning a negative outcome into a positive action that benefits others is a lesson for any population to learn from in our country. In Lexington, Kentucky residents pay in canned food in the place of parking ticket fines. In every part of the country, there is a huge need for assistance with distribution of food for those who are in need.  So, why not take the high road in place of a parking ticket fine?

Giving Spirit

Promoting the giving spirit is an impactful consequence for having parking ticket fines. Giving back to the community bridges everyone together instead of tearing down a network of people. The action of turning a negative consequence into a positive one does not have to be just during a holiday season. It can also be an action that is a part of something all year round.  Parking ticket fines happen on a daily basis.  Therefore, giving cans of food in place of paying a fine seems like an innovative idea.

Connection by Giving

We are all connected in some way to each other, and reaching out to the community by giving back to those in need  turns a negative situation into a positive situation. How does providing cans in place of parking tickets work? Cans will get residents a $15 credit on any parking citation. And for drivers with a drawer full of tickets, they can bring as many cans as they can carry to earn a $15 credit per 10-can donation. “Food for Fines” is a program that involves people to get involved and turns a negative circumstance into an outreach for others.