Mom Discovers Dark Secret Hidden Under Her Property

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Marina Terracciano and her family found their dream home that was built in 1925. Little did they know that their home contained secrets.

Their discoveries sent them on a journey through the past with many surprising twists.


This grand old home on the Hillsborough River has strange basements that could likely have been used for nefarious purposes.

There are compartments that could have been used to hold bets or bottles. But there’s a lot more.


Florida mob expert, Scott, was brought in to do an analysis on his finding at the home, digging into the Tampa underground at Marina’s home.

Marine pointed out that the staircase leading to the above was once hidden and leads to a lookout tower.


The tower has a view over what used to be a very actively used river. There was however more found below.

Marina spoke to her neighbor who knew more about what lay beneath.


There are entrances under the home leading to tunnels. One tunnel actually goes underneath the river.

Marina’s neighbor said he once walked down this tunnel, but after 20 minutes, he got scared and turned around.


The tunnel supposedly leads to Ybor city in Tampa on the other side of the river.

Fox 13 reported: “There’s a multi-level concrete structure that looks like bleachers surrounding a circular space.” But what take did historians have?


Some historians say the tunnels under Ybor City were created to assist with drainage, but others believe they were eventually used for darker and more nefarious purposes.

The house was also built here right in the middle of prohibition, so that may be an indication of the functions the tunnels served.


The house supposedly has 3 safes, Marina has found 2 so far. Her husband has said that before she opens the safes, she would rather know why they are there first.

Either way, this house surely holds a lot of mystery.