Face In The Clouds – A Great Example of Pareidolia

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YouTube user “denisfarmer” took a fantastic video of a rapidly approaching storm front in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. As the clouds twist and churn in the sky, they eventually take upon the shape of a face – and it really does look like a face! However, this is not God, or Zeus, or anything other deity for that matter – it is simply a great example of us humans finding a pattern we are very familiar with (faces) among random noise (quickly moving clouds)… otherwise known as “pareidolia“.

Since the clouds change shape so quickly and frequently, it increases the probability that some combination of bumps, puffs and wisps will emerge to look like a face. Also, it looks as if the face might be composed of multiple layers of the cloud front that come together to look like a face from only his vantage point.

Watch the video – it’s worth it.