Exercising the Body Equals Exercising the Brain


In our society, we are searching for ways to make us smarter, happier, and stress-free. Have you ever heard that listening to classical music makes you smarter or more relaxed?

Stress-Free Life

Have you ever heard that reading classical books makes you smarter or keeping organized lists will make you happier because the organization will reduce stress? Being happy and stress-free are everyone desires because our world is so fast-paced and changing all the time.

Changing and Challenging Mood

Mood and cognitive function can be uplifted in so many ways. But the most natural way is through exercise. The most difficult activity for humans to do is exercise. Even though our bodies are meant for movement, moving is very difficult. Why is it challenging to move?

Connection to the Brain

In our busy lives, to always produce and be innovative, it leaves us with scraps of energy for rejuvenation. Sometimes climate plays a part in feeling energized enough to get out there and exercise. Physical health and mental health work together for us to feel motivated. Does exercise revitalize our brains too?


Scientific Evidence

According to Ratey, is a Swedish study that looked at 1.2 million boys, who were evaluated at 15 for fitness and IQ, and then tested again when they began compulsory military service at 18. The results: if they got fitter, they also got smarter. That was even true of identical twins.

Could exercise really make you happier and less stressed and at the same time smarter?

A Function of the Brain

Exercise makes us happier in the way it changes the function in our brains. If you are feeling depressed, exercise relieves the anxiety and releases endorphins in our brain which acts as an antidepressant. There are many things we can do to relieve stress, but exercise is the best option because it builds new brain cells to relieve the stress. Stress responses are lowered when the body is exercised. Exercising the body equals exercising the brain, and our brains are open to learning new ideas.