Ex-Wife Gets Revenge On Husband With An Absolutely Brilliant Plan

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The ending of a marriage when there is infidelity involved is always difficult, but she got revenge on her cheating husband in the most original way.
The man surely deserved it. It was an absolutely brilliant plan that seemed to fall right into place.


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Edith would suffer through heartache from her divorce but return with a vengeance. With a bit of creativity, she plotted a plan unlike any other.
She clearly didn’t want to go quietly into the night. Who would get the million-dollar house?


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With better and more ruthless lawyers, Jack defeated Edith in court and got to keep his house. The judge gave her a mere 3 days to pack up all of her stuff and move out.
What did Edith do on the first day?


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Edith proceeded to pack up all her valuables into boxes in preparation to leave the house. She had no choice but to follow the judges orders and comply.
On the second day, the removal company picked up all her boxes and moved them across town to her new apartment.


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Edith battled over the fact that she would miss her long-time home. She felt angry and betrayed and had to do something, all the while wrestling with her feelings.
What did Edith accomplish on the last day at the house?


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On the third day, Edith had a plan for revenge. It was her last night in the house and she treated herself to a plate of shrimp, caviar and a bottle of champagne.
She then exacted the final part of her plan and left the house.


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Jack returned to the house with his new girlfriend, and shortly thereafter the house began to stink. Exterminators came in, the air-conditioning was checked.
The house was cleaned. Nothing worked. The smell wouldn’t go away.


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Jack was a rich man, so decided to sell the house. Jack was so desperate he sold the house to Edith. But in all Jack’s efforts to remove the stench from the house, he had failed.
He would also move all his belongings out of the house, along with the hollowed-out curtain rails that Edith had stuffed with the shrimp she dipped in caviar — the source of the awful smell!