Entire Neighborhood Waves Bye To Arrested Couple


A Sendoff

After causing so many problems in the community, a couple in the neighborhood of Grayson County north of Dallas was arrested in full view of the neighborhood.

You’d think the neighbors would be concerned, but after what they had done they were more than happy to see them get what they deserved.

The Charges

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The community recalls all of the charges that the couple had pressed against them. The list was more than any of them thought at first.

One of the neighbors said, “Bye-bye.. charges: assault on a peace officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest. husband: deadly misconduct, resisting arrest.” This seems to have summed up what they were going to jail for.

Peace At Last

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After a lot of disturbances that left the neighborhood shook up at times, they were all relieved that at long last they could finally have some peace.

Who knows what will happen to the couple now, but we just hope that they’ve learned their lesson and will stop terrorizing the neighborhood with their dysfunctions.