Dog Refuses To Give Birth, Vet Sees Ultrasound And Instantly Pulls Out Phone

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She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, she had never seen something like this before. As she counted and continued to count, she knew immediately something was very wrong. But she had to make a decision, and she needed to do it fast.



Dog Lovers

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One couple, absolute dog lovers had been fostering and rescuing dog for years. They especially loved Pit Bulls, but still, when they saw her, in her state, they knew something wasn’t right. Mariesa and Chris had already adopted up to 10 dogs and were currently living with them! Still, they knew they had to do more to educate people on this kind of breed. They decided to go to their hometown’s animal shelter, only when they got there, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Full House

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Love Conquers All

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When Mariesa and Chris met a couple of years ago, they knew they were meant for each other. Their love for dogs was intense, and they both shared it, making them an excellent couple! They shared their dreams for the future and hoped to one day open a shelter themselves. ​

In It Together

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Island Packet
Even though this couple would love to save all the dogs that go through shelters, they knew this task would be impossible to do by themselves. They settled on one thing – go to the shelter and rescue just one! But as they looked around, they couldn’t help notice something dire. Most of the dogs in the shelter were pit bulls. They walked into Pibbles & More Animal Rescue — or PMAR — not knowing that day would be one they would never forget.


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Misunderstood Breed

The pit bull breed of dog is widely misunderstood. Still, this does not mean they are in any way dangerous. In many states, owning a pit bull is even illegal, so it isn’t at all unusual to see so many of this breed in local shelters or rescues. Chris and Mariesa have had their fair share of adopted pits, but still can’t quite understand why these lovable dogs are disliked. But as they walked through the shelter, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into​.

Room For More?

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Pit Love

Pit bulls are seen as the most dangerous breed because of their wide head and muscular body, but scientifically there is no way to prove this. These dogs are completely lovable, caring and loyal. People have found ways to exploit this breed and have made them feared. Chris and Mariesa knew this, and they were about to meet one particular pup who was more than just amazing.

Homing The Homeless

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Animal Rescue

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Mariesa’s face fell as she walked through the shelter, she knew this was such an incredibly tough choice. Chris and she had compromised and had come to the decision to just choose one dog that day to take home. Mariesa saw one sad dog in the corner of her eye, and there and then, she was in love.

So Many


Big Belly

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This sad dog was heavily pregnant. Her belly swayed massively as her tail wagged enthusiastically. Mariesa couldn’t help be taken aback by this beautiful brindle pit and the pair immediately bonded. “She’s the one,” Mariesa said looking at Chris. But they had no idea what this would actually mean.

“This One”



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As they asked the staff about that dog, they soon learned her name was Storie and she had been surrendered into the shelter when she became pregnant. Mariesa and Chris were in love with Storie and her massive heart.

Hard Life

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The staff at the shelter then went on to tell Storie that she should have given birth a week ago, but still, she hadn’t. They were stumped, they could not understand why she hadn’t yet and this made them extremely nervous.

No Choice

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Help Needed

Storie needed help and Mariesa and Chris wanted to help her. As she rested her head on Mariesa’s head, she knew what she needed to. But would it be too much to bring in a pregnant dog into their home? Dogs are commonly known to carry six puppies, and that would be way too many to have in their home!

A Big Family

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At Home

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Mariesa made up her mind, she had to help Storie but still, all of it would prove extremely difficult. Chris came up with an amazing idea that put the couple at ease – foster Storie until her puppies arrived and were ok. And that is exactly what they did. But why was she not giving birth? Was everything ok?

Extra Attention



They had no idea what was delaying her labor; with all their experience in caring for dogs, they never had encountered this situation. They scouted the internet to see if they could get some peace of mind, but when they read the results, they could not help but start to cry.


The Bump


As they researched the reasons why Storie was delaying her labor, it all became more clear. The article talked about trauma and stress that animals who are in shelters and rescues go through, and even more when these animals are pregnant and need to take care of their babies.


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​As they kept researching they started to realize the situation was worse than they thought. If she didn’t have her babies soon, she could lose them. Mariesa and Chris immediately looked at each other, they knew they had to get Storie to a vet.


Jeff Campbell Team


As they arrived at the Vet, the technician could not believe her eyes. They needed to perform an ultrasound fast so they could see what was going on. She saw the faint white outlines but couldn’t believe what she was looking at, she counted and re-counted again. But now she knew, something strange was happening to Storie.

Cause For Worry


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The vet looked at the couple and told them something that made them shiver. Storie was not expecting six puppies! So what had happened to Storie’s babies? And more importantly, what could they do to help?


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Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital
The vet counted and counted again, and that’s when she turned to Chris and Mariesa and said: “There aren’t six puppies, but twelve!” They gasped, how could this possibly be? Was this even possible?

Everything Ok?

New Home

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Storie should have given birth already, they couldn’t explain why she hadn’t yet. They all went home in hopes that within 48 hours she would have these healthy babies. However, if she didn’t, they would have to bring Storie into the vet for another examination.


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Storie was in danger, she might lose her babies if she did not give birth to them within the 48-hour time frame. Chris and Mariesa were incredibly nervous but wanted Storie to be completely at ease with everything. Once they all got home, Mariesa looked around and had a great idea.

Comfy Place

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They decided to give Storie all the space she would need by clearing out a bedroom and putting in comfy blankets and pillows. They wanted Storie to feel safe and comfortable as she had probably had not felt that way in such a long time. As soon as Chris and Mariesa went to bed, a miracle happened.

Going To Bed



Everything was prepared for Storie to have a comfortable night. But what they wouldn’t have expected would be that when they woke up, Storie would be nursing her twelve puppies. They were all healthy and hungry little pups, and Mariesa and Chris soon realized why she had waited so long for her delivery.

Safe And Sound

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Not Ready

“Dogs having puppies at shelters, it’s not the best thing for them. It’s stressful for her, stressful for the puppies,” Chris realized later. Storie hadn’t wanted to give birth until she was safe, she was waiting for her opportunity to be taken to a loving home where she and her puppies would be cared for.


Portal Curió


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All Storie really needed was to feel safe and protected, and thanks to Chris and Mariesa, she did. All 12 puppies were beautiful little ones who were more than grateful​ to be out in the world.

Huge Hearts



In two weeks, the puppies had opened their eyes and Mariesa and Chris were falling more in love with them by the second. Soon, they were tearing around the garden on their shaky little legs. Requests to adopt them came flooding into the rescue center.

Clambering To Adopt


Forever Homes

They decided not to keep any of the cute puppies, and they all found loving families. One by one, they were taken by their new families to their new homes, where they continue to thrive. But what about their mother, Storie?

Saving Lives

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Storie had found her new forever home too. Soon after, a man read about Storie’s incredible tale on Facebook, and fell in love with her immediately. Storie’s new dad became good friends with Mariesa and Chris, so they can keep close tabs on their miraculous foster dog.

All’s Well That Ends Well

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Perfect Momma

Storie was an exceptional mom to all her pups. She loved licking them from head to toe, nursing them and playing with them all day long​. This momma had been through so much and now she could breath easy as she was in complete safety.

Getting Ready To Leave


Amazing People

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All twelve miracle babies were adopted by loving families. Storie didn’t go to her forever home until every last one of her pups had been adopted — seeing them off as the good mother that she is. if it wasn’t for amazing people like Chris and Mariesa, Storie’s story would have been a disaster.

Animals In Need

Animal Lovers

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Shelters need all the help they can get, so even if you are unable to adopt, you may be able to foster. If you are unable to foster, then you can donate, or even just help spread awareness about rescue organizations and the amazing animals waiting for forever homes. Chris and Mariesa are a true example of compassionate and incredible​ beings. More people should be like them.