Worker Finds Old Wallet, Peeks Inside And Finds Answer To 71-Year-Old Mystery

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KCI NEWS 8 / Youtube

The Talent Factory, a comedy club in Nevada, Iowa had been around for ages. The building was built in the ’20s and had seen its fair share of renovations, but none have ever solved a mystery until that day. As they began to tear up the floors for the reconstruction, they noticed something sticking out from under a floorboard. It was a wallet.  Larry Sloan, owner of The Talent Factory, could not believe his eyes. But whose was it? It was made of plastic, and the contents told him that it had been lost a long time ago, but he had no idea exactly how long.

Luckily, Larry had a background in investigating, so he put his skills to the test. Larry thought carefully as the clues revealed themselves one by one. Everything he needed was right there, and he knew his history well enough to solve the mystery. Do you?

Larry’s first clue was in the age of the building itself.
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