Parents Leave Newborn Alone With Dogs And Things Don’t Go As Planned

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Many of us think of dogs as part of our family. So why wouldn’t we be comfortable leaving our children with them? Well, the following photos show some dogs may not want to be their new baby sibling’s babysitter.

Too Close For Comfort?

“Mommy, what is this big beast that is licking my head? I don’t like it, make it go away!”

After My Own Heart

“I don’t care if you have a bib that says ‘Mommy Loves Me.’ I’m just glad you like taking naps at the same time I do.”


The Bump
“So, what’s this thing called, you say? A baby? And what does it do, exactly?”

Stamp Of Approval

“This tiny pink creature you brought home is weird, but it’s nice and warm so we can keep it.”


“So… when’s it going to wake up? You promised me a playtime buddy, Karen!”


“What’s this thing you got there? Can I smell it? Ooh, it smells like milk! Is it milk?”


“Erm, why’s it crying? I’m not doing anything, I swear! I think it’s broken, you should take it back to the store.”


“So, what do you think, Spot?” “Hmm… I don’t know, Patches. It seems awfully loud. I wish John and Marcia had consulted us before bringing it home.”

Face To Face

“Hi there, little human. How’s it going? You’re so small and soft! I’m soft, too. Wanna feel my rolls? I just got a bath the other day!”

Get It Off Me

“Why’s it making that face? Sylvia, I don’t like this. Get it off me. In fact, take it back to the hospital. It’s giving me the creeps.”

Dog Loving Baby

“So this is my dog brother, huh Mommy? He’s alright, I like him. In fact, can we get two more?”

Nap Buddies

“I’m not gonna lie, this tiny human you brought sleeps in a very weird position. But it’s ok, I can work with that. As long as she doesn’t snore…”


YouTube/Dog Loves Baby
“This is it? This is what you’ve been fussing over for the last nine months? Geeze, Brenda, you sure got me excited over nothing.”

Not Satisfied

“I don’t know, Kevin. This new pillow you brought me is fine, but you could have done better. It’s not as soft as my last one and it moves!”

So Over It

Anna Myers Photography
“This is ridiculous, Sandra. It’s bad enough you make me do this every year, now you’re putting your kid through it? Look at his face, he’s already wanting to go back to the hospital.”

In Love

“Yeah, this is nice. I’m glad you brought me a new best friend. Can we stay like this forever?”

The Protector

“Don’t worry Larry, I got this. I’ll guard your human pup day and night. Nothing slips past me!”


“Look, I’m not happy you didn’t tell me you were bringing two human pups home. But at least we all fit on the couch together. Otherwise, there’d be hell to pay!”


“This creature you brought me is so funny, Mommy! Look at the flaps on its face! And the noises it makes when it sleeps crack me up!”

Not Amused

“Mommy, Mommy? What’s going on? Don’t leave me alone with this beast with bad breath! What if it wants to eat me?”

Who Cares

“Why are you putting this in front of me? It’s too big for me to eat, and it’s not soft and chewy like the toys I like. Why are you wasting my time, Louise?”

Taste Test

Brittany Lauren Creates
“It doesn’t smell like the food I like, but I’ll give it a try. Hmm… no, I don’t like it. Too soapy. Better get one that tastes like bacon next time.”


“What is this sorcery? What is this creature that you brought me that is so warm and nice-smelling that it puts me right to sleep?”

Existential Crisis

“Oh my God. There’s a new pup in the house. What am I gonna do? What is my role in this family now? I feel so lost!”

Not Your Plaything

Pawsitive Solutions
“This is not what I signed up for, Diane. You said she’d be my new best friend. She treats me like a toy!”

Tender Care

“Is it ok if I put my head like this? Oh my God it is so fragile! What if I break it? I am so not ready for all this responsibility.”


“I’m not gonna fall for that trick again, kid. No, my mom’s not calling me. There’s nobody even on the line!”


The Dodo
“Oh my God. I’m not the smallest creature in the house anymore! Will they stop thinking I am the cutest? What if I never get belly rubs again?!?!”

Scary Baby
“Wh–what are you doing, kid? No, don’t put your hands on me like that. You’re scaring me. Hey, don’t pinch me! Has nobody taught you any manners?”

Not Impressed

“I don’t get what the big deal is. All this thing does is sleep all day. I do that too. Why did you have to go and get another one?”

Responsible Dog

Brittany Lauren Creates
“Are you sure it’s a good idea to leave it on the bed like that? It hasn’t even been house trained! Don’t come looking at me when it makes a mess!”

Eager Pup

Life With Dogs
“Wake up, little sister! It’s time to go play. Wanna sniff my butt? No? That’s ok. I already sniffed yours plenty of times.”

Peas In A Pod

“Man, my parents are so boring and lame.” “Tell me about it. I’ve had to live with them for five years. All they do is stare at this big black box and they never let me chase the evil squirrels that stalk our house.”

Take It Back

“No, I don’t like it. It looks too small and fragile. How am I supposed to wrestle with this thing? I told you to get a pug! Go on, take this thing back to the store.”

Impending Doom

“I don’t know about this, Marion. Your human pup looks really grabby and rude. What if it doesn’t respect my personal space? I can’t afford to lose another eye!”

Smell Alarm

YouTube/AnimalsCompilation FunVidsYT
“Uh-oh. I think your pup’s just gone potty. I told you you should have house-trained it before bringing it home. But you never listen to me, do you, Lisa?”

No Personal Space

“What the heck, Mommy? Your stinky creature over here thinks I’m his pillow or something. How rude! Get it off me!”


“Don’t worry about it Steve, I’m just waiting for your pup to wake up. Yeah, we’re gonna go chase squirrels in a bit. What do you mean I can’t take it outside?”


“Trust me, Alan. Buster and I got this. We won’t take our eyes off your little pup! We’re taking turns keeping watch.”


“Are you my Mommy? I like you, but you don’t look like my Mommy. You’re hairier than I remember.”