Strange Dog With Very Special Message On His Tag Joins Couple On Their Hike


Ominous Black Dog

Facebook / Scott Brown
A ​Seattle man and his wife set out on an adventure one Monday morning. The terrains were full of snow, and the group wanted to reach a frozen waterfall, Teneriffe Falls. Scott Brown and his wife, Get Naka, knew the hike pretty well, but nothing could have prepared him for this adventure in particular. Brown runs a non-profit “Recovery beyond Paradigm” which helps alcohol and drug addicts overcome their addiction through hiking. Right at the beginning of their journey, Brown spotted an ominous black dog. Little did he know what type of companion this animal really was.

“It Might Be A Bear”

Facebook / Scott Brown
Right at the entrance where the hike began​, Brown saw a large black dog. “I made a joke to my wife that it was a bear,” Brown explained. The trail was close enough to town that a dog being there did not seem so far-fetched. It would not be the last time they saw him though. But as they were a hundred meters into their hike, the dog did not leave their sight. Brown was perplexed, it seemed the dog knew the terrain better than he did, but still, there was something odd about this black dog.

Dangerous Terrains

Facebook / Scott Brown
As the group continued their hike, they noticed the dog wander close to them as if he was the newest member of the group. Everyone was amazed by the animal; it​ seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his time out in the snowy terrains. But like with most hikes, this one was far too dangerous. As soon as the group encountered tough terrain, the pup’s attitude changed. Brown’s head began spinning about the dog. Is he friend or foe? Even though he seemed to be well maintained and well trained, he still did not know anything about this dog. Was he putting his group in danger?

Joining The Group

Facebook / Scott Brown
Along​ with their newest member, the team came across something unsettling. The terrain had become hazardous, making every step slippery and full of danger. The dog did not seem to like where the hike was heading and began to warn the hikers. “He seemed very protective for someone he just met,” Brown said. With the help of this pooch, the team got around the danger and continued on their journey. Still, Brown could not pinpoint what was up with this dog. He couldn’t be a stray, could he? Or was this little guy lost?

Unexpected Trouble

As the hikers continued on their journey, they were surprised with how the pup knew this trail so well, he really seemed to be in his element. Browns thought this black dog was surely abandoned and just lived around the trail knowing all of its ins and outs. The pooch became a mystery to the team and they began to speculate whether this little guy was following them because he missed human interaction. They continued with him for some time, but then something got in their way.

Imminent Danger

Facebook / Scott Brown
The terrain became rougher, and then danger struck. The snow was getting deeper, and the hikers were starting to wonder if it had been a good idea to try to attempt this trail in such bad weather. But there was nothing to be done about it now — they had to keep moving forward. Then, the dog barked once, getting everyone’s attention, and then started to continue up another path. The group had no choice but to follow. But where was he leading them?

Leading The Group

Facebook / Scott Brown
“It’s just a matter of time,” Brown thought. “Surely, no dog can survive going so far,​” but the dog continued without hesitation. Now, the group was venturing deep into the snowy mountains, and Brown began to get nervous. They were heading onto even more uneven territory, and Brown started regretting his decision to even start the hike in the first place. Now, not only had he have his group’s well-being to think about but the animal’s, too. but the dog continued ahead. Perplexed, Brown needed to know more about his companion. He turned to the pup and saw a piece of metal around the dog’s neck. On closer inspection, he saw something that made complete sense.

Tough Trail

Twitter/Tyler Wilson
Cold air began to stab the hiker’s lungs, and their adventure began to get even more dangerous. But, determined as ever, the dog marched on leading the group like he knew it would be ok. Brown became increasingly concerned for everyone in the group, plus the dog’s well-being too. Things were beginning to get harder by the second, and ice seemed to be everywhere their eyes could see. “What a great hiking companion,​” Browns thought as he continued on. But surely this poor canine must be lost. But why would he be wandering these snowy terrains all alone?


Twitter/Tyler Wilson
​As the team continued to struggle, their efforts were fruitful. The party had reached their destination, the falls. And of course, their canine companion was right by their side. They had all trekked seven miles of steep terrain, but when they saw the beautiful falls, they knew it was worth it. As the team hung around catching their breath and taking in the view, Browns thought that this was an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the dog and tell him how well he did. But as soon as he got closer, he noticed that the metal he had seen around his neck was actually an ID tag.

Unexpected Surprise

Twitter/Tyler Wilson
As he turned the piece of metal around, his body sent shivers up his spine. He read the dog’s ID tag, ​and a huge grin plastered itself onto his face. “Hi, my name is Smokey. I live nearby so please don’t take me. I like to follow hikers sometimes”. The opposite side of the tag was just as peculiar. “Don’t worry. I’ll go home when I get tired. My people love me a lot. Thanks for being nice!”

Smokey The Adventurer

Twitter/Tyler Wilson
It turned out Smokey really did know the trail by heart, as his ID suggested he was no stranger to these types of excursions. Brown was utterly relieved to know that this incredible boy had a loving home, and more so, he was completely enamored and honored to have Smokey as such a fantastic​ hike leader. As the group enjoyed Smokey’s love, they started their 7-mile hike back. With Smokey as the leader, nothing could go wrong. But little did Brown know what kind of surprise was awaiting them.

“Don’t Worry”

Facebook / Dew’s Adventures
Brown knew how fortunate he was to have Smokey by his side that day. The dangerous terrains were hazardous, and Smokey would bark and make signals to the group if he thought it was ​unsafe. Smokey showed how incredible he really is; a fearless hiking guide filled with wanderlust. Fortunate to have been part of this incredible experience, Brown went on to post the whole thing on social media. Little did he expect his story to go viral.

Overnight Sensation

Facebook / Dew’s Adventures
Immediately, the black mountain dog had become an internet sensation overnight! Brown told the groups amazing story on his Facebook page, and from there Smokey has become a hiking celebrity. As he climbed his way up to fame he still only had one thing on his mind; keep hiking of course.​

One Last Bark

Twitter / David Rozas
Smokey didn’t leave the group’s side even after they have arrived at the parking lot. They had done 14 miles together in impossible​ circumstances, and every team member, even Smokey knew this was to celebrate. But as the team began to change their clothes, the pup looked at Brown one last time and barked, like if he was saying his goodbye. He quickly turned around and headed into town. “He gave one quick bark at us,” Brown shared. “Then continued back home I assume.”

What To Do?

Northeast Animal Shelter
If your dog is not an experienced adventurer like Smokey is and you feel like you might have lost your pup, call the local humane societies and animal rescues to see if anyone has brought your pup in. We recommend all dogs be microchipped, which they should all be. This means they can be traced back to you rather quickly​. Also, the online classifieds are a great way to check if anyone has found a dog. According to the ASPCA, more than 90 percent of lost dogs find their way home. But still, you can never be too sure!