Dog Refuses To Give Birth, Vet Sees Ultrasound And Instantly Pulls Out Phone

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How Could This Be?

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Her eyes widened as he counted… and kept counting. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She held her hands to her face and forgot to breathe for a second as she wondered how this could even be possible. But there was no time to stop and think about what she had done, they needed to make a decision, and fast.

Pit Bull Lovers

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Mariesa and Chris had been rescuing Pit Bulls for years, but they had never seen anything like what they saw that day. She and her husband were already proud dog parents to 10 rambunctious dogs, and life was anything but boring. But, realizing that they could do more to help the misunderstood breed, they decided to visit the local animal shelter.

Perfect Pair

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These two shared one passion – their love for animals! Mariesa shared in an interview that her past relationships had never worked out because of the overwhelming love she felt for these animals. Her partner at the time couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that she wanted a numerous family of four-legged friends! But then she met Chris, and their instant connection only blossomed more each day when they continued to share their love for dogs. ​


Island Packet

Many shelters and rescues have an overwhelming population of dogs and cats. Even though they would love to save them all, sometimes it is quite impossible to do so. As they looked around the shelter, they couldn’t get one thing out of their minds – the majority of dogs who were in the shelter were pit bulls! When Mariesa and Chris walked into Pibbles & More Animal Rescue — or PMAR — they were bowled over by all the wagging tails and friendly faces. Little did they know, that day they were in for a life-changing surprise.​

Bad Rap

It is no secret that the pit bull breed of dog is often misunderstood. They have big heads and are very muscular. Still, this does not mean they are dangerous. In many states, owning a pit bull is even illegal, so it isn’t at all unusual to see so many of this breed in local shelters or rescues. Chris and Mariesa know this, they have had their fair share of adopted pits, but still can’t quite fathom what the big problem is. They wanted to do more and help in any way they could. Still, they had no idea in what kind of predicament they were getting themselves int​o.

Pure Love

It is said that this breed of dog is the most dangerous, but no science bears that idea out. Pitbulls are loyal, caring and loving but it all really depends on the owners. Unfortunately, people have found ways to exploit such a dog because of their strong appearance. Still, they are not inherently dangerous, and Chris and Marisea were about to meet one incredible pup who couldn’t wait to share her love. ​

Pibbles & More Animal Rescue

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As they kept looking inside the shelter, Mariesa’s face fell as she realized that this was going to be an extremely tough choice. She had promised Chris that she would only choose one dog to take home. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw her and immediately​ knew what she had to do.

Heavily Pregnant

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One dog was heavily pregnant. Her belly swayed as she lumbered over to enthusiastically greet the couple. She was a beautiful brindle Pit Bull, and with one lick from her rough pink tongue, she had won Mariesa’s heart. She looked into Mariesa’s eyes, pleadingly. Mariesa turned to Chris with a look that said: “She’s the one.” But as soon as they went to tell the staff, shivers immediately​ went up and down her spine.


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They soon learned that the pregnant Pit Bull’s name was Storie, and she had been surrendered by a backyard breeder when she had become pregnant as they could not afford to look after her and her imminent puppies. They knew they had to take her home and provide the mother-to-be with the comfort she deserved. The couple had no idea what they were getting themselves into, but as soon as the vet explained Storie’s case, tears formed in Chris and Mariesa’s eyes.

A Troubling Detail

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The staff at the shelter then told the couple that Storie had been due to give birth a week ago already, but they were stumped as to why it hadn’t happened yet. She certainly looked like she would give birth any minute. The worry on the shelter worker’s faces told Chris and Mariesa all they needed to know.

Asking For Help


Time was of the essence for Storie. She needed ​help. Just at that moment, she rested her head on Mariesa’s knee, and looked up at her with her big brown eyes, as if she were trying to tell her something. That was the tipping point for Mariesa. But they couldn’t possibly take in another dog who was carrying a litter of six puppies, could they? Little did they know at the time, that whole experience was preparing them for something bigger.

Taking Her Home

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Taking Storie and her puppies home would mean that the couple would have a whopping total of 17 dogs! But Mariesa’s mind was made up. She couldn’t just leave Storie here at the shelter. She knew that she had to help her. That’s when Chris had an idea. He suggested that they foster Storie while the shelter searched for a forever home for her and her puppies, so that’s what they did. But there was the troubling matter of her late due date, why was she not giving birth? Was Storie ok?



They were stumped. They had no idea why she was delaying her labor so much, with all the dogs they had fostered and adopted, they had never encountered such a problem. As the worst-case scenario began juggling through their minds, they couldn’t help but search the internet for clues. But when they read what they did…they couldn’t​ help but feel sick.

Smart Pups

Dogs and animals, in general, are smarter than we think. While researching possible reasons why Storie was not giving birth, the couple read one article that made a whole lot of sense. The article talked about traumatic events and stress that animals go through when they reach rescue shelters, and more so if they are pregnant. They know that these places are there to help them in some way, but little do they know if that is the case or not at the time.

Urgent Matter

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​As they kept reading and gathering information, they became aware that this was far more troubling than they had thought. She could lose her babies if she didn’t deliver them soon…but then, something else popped up that made Mariesa shriek. Dogs who are pregnant want the best for their pups and will hold out on giving birth if they think the situation is unsafe, making this dangerous for mom and puppies. Mariesa and Chris immediately looked at each other with worried looks on their faces; they had to go to the vet and fast.

At The Vet


The vet performing the ultrasound couldn’t believe her eyes as the shapes began to emerge on the screen. At first, she thought she had made a mistake. But the faint white outlines were there, as clear as day. She shook her head and turned to the couple, and Mariesa’s heart sank. What was wrong with Storie?


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The vet took a deep breath and carefully told the couple that there weren’t six puppies in Storie’s belly like they all had thought. Then he began to count the shapes on the screen… and stopped. Mariesa watched his finger in disbelief. There weren’t six puppies! What was the problem and why ​hadn’t Storie given birth yet?

Not Six, But Twelve

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The vet was still in disbelief; she​ couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She counted and recounted again, with a wide smile she looked at Chris and Mariesa and told them something that left them gasping for air. “There aren’t six puppies, but twelve!” Chris and Mariesa immediately looked at each other, how could this be? Most importantly, was Storie alright?

Sent Home

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The vet couldn’t explain it. She should have given birth already, but the puppies seemed to be doing well. So he sent them all home to prepare for the big day and told them that if she hadn’t given birth within 48 hours, they should immediately bring Storie in for another examination. What they didn’t know was that Storie was holding out for a reason.

Urgent Danger

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As they left the vets office, they didn’t feel any better. Storie was still in danger of losing her babies if she didn’t give birth to them soon, and if 48 hours came up and she still hadn’t​ delivered them, that meant the issue would become extremely dangerous. Mariesa was nervous, her heart went out to Storie, but what else could she do? As she walked into her home, she had an amazing idea.

Feel Like Home

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After reading all they had on the internet about stress and trauma, the couple decided to give Storie her own little space. They cleared out a bedroom and put in comfy pillows and blankets so she could feel comfortable and protected. They did not want to intrude on her too much so she could feel 100% at ease with herself and her surroundings. Little did these two know that as soon they went go to bed, a miracle would happen.



Mariesa and Chris went to bed themselves after they prepared everything up for Storie​. Then, that very night, something amazing happened. When they awoke, Storie was nursing all twelve of her puppies… and they were all lively and healthy. She had finally given birth during the night. Then, they suddenly realized why she had waited.

Holding Out


“Dogs having puppies at shelters, it’s not the best thing for them. It’s stressful for her, stressful for the puppies,” Chris realized later. Storie hadn’t wanted to give birth until she was in a safe and loving environment, and had held out as if somehow knowing that the stars would align to bring Mariesa and Chris to the shelter to take her home, where she and her puppies would be cared for.

A Pack Of Her Own

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After being in her new home for less than 24 hours, Storie gave birth to her puppies. This indeed was an incredible miracle as they did not know if it was even going to happen. All she really needed was to feel safe and protected, and thanks to Chris and Mariesa, she did. All 12 puppies were beautiful little ones who were more than grateful​ to be out in the world.

Adoption Requests


In two weeks, the puppies had opened their eyes and Mariesa and Chris were falling more in love with them by the second. Soon, they were tearing around the garden on their shaky little legs. Storie appeared content and was a lovingly devoted mother to her babies. Soon, requests to adopt them came flooding into the rescue center.

Loving Homes


Although the couple was extremely attached to all the puppies, they decided (with good judgment) not to keep any, and they all found loving homes. One by one, when they were 10 weeks old, they were taken by their new families to their new homes, where they continue to thrive. But what about their mother, Storie?

A Forever Home

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Storie has found her forever home, too. Soon after, a man read about Storie’s incredible tale on Facebook, and couldn’t wait to meet her. He fell in love with her immediately and took her into his home. She has a happy life ahead of her now and has been sterilized to ensure that she never has to go through an ordeal like that again.

The Perfect Mom

Storie was an exceptional mom to all her 12 pups. She loved licking them from head to toe and nursing them. Chris and Mariesa looked on with devotion, this mama had been through so much and now she could breath easy as she was in complete safety. But still, all twelve pups needed to find homes!


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All twelve miracle babies have been adopted by loving families who will protect them and love them every single day. And Storie? She did too, but she didn’t leave to be with her new family until every last one of her pups had been adopted — seeing them off as the good mother that she is. if it wasn’t for amazing people like Chris and Marisea, Storie’s story would have been a lot worse.

Rescued Animals

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Storie’s tale is just one of many, and thanks to a dedicated shelter and a couple’s love for the breed, she sure to have a life of happiness. Shelters need all the help they can get, so even if you are unable to adopt a rescue animal, you may be able to foster instead. If you are unable to foster, then you can donate, or even just help spread awareness about rescue organizations and the amazing animals waiting for forever homes there.