Eddie Murphy Has More Kids Than Any Other Celeb


A Big Family

Everyone knows who Eddie Murphy is, but just as a refresher he’s a Hollywood comedy heavyweight. He also portrayed the iconic role of Donkey in Dreamworks’ “Shrek”.

But did you know he is a big family man? We’re serious, he had way more children than you’d expect. Let’s introduce you to them.

Eric Murphy

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Eddie Murphy has his firstborn son, Eric, with Paulette McNelly. Murphy’s marriage may not have worked out but he still keeps in close contact with his some.

Eric is currently dating Jasmin Lawrence, the daughter of the legendary Martin Lawrence. Also a comedy actress.

 Christian Murphy

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Eddie is less concerned with showbiz and more concerned with raising his younger children. But Christian is old enough to only need his father’s sound advice from time to time.

Christian’s mother is Tamara Hood, an ex of Murphy’s.

Angel Iris

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Angel Iris is one of the better-known children of Murphy due to who her mother is. She’s Murphy’s oldest daughter.

Iris’ mother is non-other than Melanie Brown, former Spice Girl, we just hope she has her mother’s empeccable taste.

Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, Max, Izzy, And Bella

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Nicole Mitchell was one of Murphy’s most successful Marriages, and as such, he has five children with her. Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella are all children to Mitchell.

Lastly, Murphy has his two youngest children with Paige Butcher, his current fiancee. Max and Izzy are the kids he’s busy raising right now.